1. Afternoon amusement : Which famous work of art are you? 

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  2. If you’ve exhausted your summer playlist, there’s no shortage of mind-bending, experimental, and downright entertaining exhibitions in New York City this week. 

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  3. Discovering Art Aspen

    There’s no denying it, Aspen is the premiere place to be this weekend for serious art collectors far and wide. This mountain resort community will transform itself into a playground for art collectors and dealers as it will host the eponymous ArtAspen fair, now entering its fifth edition. As the land of the jet set, you can expect nothing less than an A-List experience from every corner of the fair. In order to keep the fair small and exclusive, only 30 dealers are selected to exhibit work. Some galleries of note include, Sundaram Tagore Gallery , Timothy Yarger Fine Art  and Deborah Colton Gallery, all of which boast Aspen as their home. Work on display will range in date from 1960 to the present and you can count on finding many artistic gems. What is more, the intimate atmosphere that the fair cultivates will allow art collectors and art dealers to interact comfortably, without leaving everyone feeling overwhelmed. For art collectors who prefer a quiet and exclusive art viewing experience you can’t go wrong with ArtAspen. Don’t miss out on this special art fair experience!

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  4. Sotheby’s, eBay, and the online art market: Is the junger generation comfortable with spending large amounts of money online? 

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  5. If you’re vacationing in picturesque Aspen this summer, don’t miss Casterline|Goodman Gallery’s PreviewCrush this Thursday, July 31st. Enjoy wine and hors d’oeuvres along with a sneak peak of the following night’s Aspen Art Museum gala and auction, ArtCrush, as well as a chance to mingle with some of the industry leaders.

    ArtCrush is celebrating its 10th year in Aspen this summer and will also coincide with the opening of the new Aspen Art Museum, a 33,000 square-foot space on 637 East Hyman Avenue.

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  6. Berlin’s Fine Art Conference

    Artfi – The Fine Art & Finance Conference, is coming to art world hot spot Berlin on September 17. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this year’s global art market gathering.

    The conference is part of the Berlin Art Week, seven days full of incredible art events in the coolest city in the world, so it’s definitely a reason to join us!

    Register now

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  7. Donna Tartt’s mega-best seller, Pulitzer Prize winning novel, The Goldfinch, is finally headed to the silver screen.

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  8. "I don’t paint to live, I live to paint." - Willem de Kooning

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  9. Grab coffee and browse a gorgeous selection of Post War prints 

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  10. In honor of August, the last month of summer, we’ve chosen 10 enchanting summer shows in exotic locales. Browse at your leisure. 

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  11. Now one can admire Tracey Emin’s bed, complete with dirty knickers and cigarette butts, at Tate Modern for the next 10 years.

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  12. Summer reading: This (quite entertaining) book imagines an art world without Damien Hirst

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  13. "I don’t believe in art. I believe in artists." - Marcel Duchamp

    French artist and readymade master, Marcel Duchamp was born on this day in 1887. 

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  14. The beautiful medieval frescoes of Rome’s Santi Quattro Coronate basilica are now on view for the first time ever.

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  15. What better time than Monday morning for a quick escape with photographer Robert Doisneau

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