1. Happy Earth Day everyone! #EarthDay #NickBrandt

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  2. Spending his Summers at the French Riviera, Pablo Picasso found that working with clay was a relaxing summer respite from the more strenuous demands of painting. Full of Joie de vivre, his ceramic explorations have a whimsy and sense of freedom that is unmatched by his paintings and works in other media. 

    As some of his creations are up for auction this May, we took a closer look the market for Picasso’s ceramics. 

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  3. Art World Jailbirds

    Art dealer Mary Boon’s illegal gun possession, billionaire collector Peter Brandt’s tax violations, Knoedler Gallery’s $80 Million forgery scandal .. 

    We recall 13 top art world figures who did time for crime 

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  4. Review: Is James Franco’s homage to Cindy Sherman at Pace Gallery offensive? 

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  5. The earth is what we all have in common, a fact which should be remembered every day.

    Today is Earth Day and as we all pause to not only understand the environmental consequences of our actions but to celebrate its beauty, take a look at how photographers have captured some of its splendor.  

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  6. Discover icons of photojournalism 

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  7. I make no distinction between poetry and painting.

    Joan Miró

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  8. In the wake of the collapse of the Twin Towers, Lori Grinker captured three firemen raising an American flag amid the rubble. Overcome with emotion, the firefighters had walked from the World Trade Center to the North Cove Marina on the west side and found a boat mast with the flag on it. Returning to Ground Zero, they planted the flag in a moving symbolic gesture. 

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  9. Take a look at the top 10 most expensive living German artists. 

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  10. A new study suggests that artistic talent is innate, although training can certainly have an effect.

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  11. We are thrilled to introduce ‘Icons of Photojournalism’, a groundbreaking auction by renowned photojournalists from the turn of the century to the present. Photojournalism has increasingly captured the attention of the art world,
    crossing over from news agencies to the walls of galleries and museums. 

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  12. “I make no distinction between poetry and painting.” -Joan Miro

    Born on this day in 1893, Joan Miró’s work is loved for its joyful celebration of life and color.

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  13. Steve McCurry’s iconic image, made famous as the cover of National Geographic’s June 1985 issue, captures a young Afghan refugee living in Peshawar, Pakistan during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Known simply as Afghan Girl until she was identified by name in 2002, Sharbat Gula was 12 years old when McCurry photographed her in the refugee camp. Gula’s piercing green eyes and arresting stare have made this one of the most recognizable and beloved images in the history of photojournalism. 

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  14. Happy Easter! We hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend! #Easter

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  15. The Brooklyn Museum’s Ai Weiwei show

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