1. For the next three days, we’re celebrating the strong, sensual aesthetic of leading Japanese Contemporary artists Nobuyoshi Araki, Daido Moriyama, and Hiroshi Sugimoto, all of whom offer visually seductive images of nature and Japanese urban life and culture.

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  2. Born on this day in 1882 in New York, Edward Hopper was an extremely influential artist who was best known for his Realist oil paintings and watercolors of urban and rural scenes.

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  3. Spray Can, an iconic and instantly recognizable work by Pop Art sensation Roy Lichtenstein

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  4. Art Galleries: Summer Edition

    Just in time for those long summer days, we’re delighted to introduce the newest members of our Gallery Network. Browse at your leisure. 

    1. Anders Wahlstedt Fine Art - New York, NY

    2. De Re Gallery - Los Angeles, CA

    3. Edward Kurstak, Seminole, FL

    4. Fine Art Mia - Miami, FL, New York, NY; London, UK

    5. Galerie Dennis Rackey - Bad Honnef

    6. Gary Snyder Fine Art - New York, NY

    7. Gitana Rosa Gallery - New York, NY

    8. Jamie Brooks Fine Art - Costa Mesa, CA

    9. Opiom Gallery - Opio

    10. Pop Fine Art - Los Angeles, CA

    Pictured: Cyrus Mahboubian, Alpines, courtesy of De Re Gallery 

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  5. As the hottest days of summer approach, we’re dreaming about flying off to some of the world’s most fascinating cities to see equally fascinating art. Without further ado, here are the top 10 international art shows this summer. 

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  6. If you would like to see Vermeer’s famous, beautiful Girl with a Pearl Earring, you’ll have to have to travel to the Netherlands, as it’s been banned from leaving the Mauritschuis Picture Gallery. 

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  7. From Art Southampton to events in Berlin, here’s a look at what’s happening in the arts this week.

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  8. Is this what art criticism has come to? 
    Within 24 hours of the MH17 crash site images appearing on television screens around the world, the Guardian’s chief art critic had leapt into action and penned an SEO-savvy “review” of the horrid television images, from an art critic’s perspective. 

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  9. "When people who come here and want to make an investment, I send them to the bank. That’s not my profession.”
    Legendary gallerist Yvon Lambert slammed the speculative art market and bemoaned art advisors’ ever-larger roles within the market in an interview.

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  10. 21st century portrait photography: Samuel Fosso’s selfie dressed as Malcolm X.

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  11. Most of my photos are grounded in people, I look for the unguarded moment, the essential soul peeking out, experience etched on a person’s face.” - Steve McCurry

    This iconic image by Steve McCurry, made famous as the cover of National Geographic’s June 1985 issue, captures a young Afghan refugee living in Peshawar, Pakistan during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. 

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  12. Time for ‘The Official Formula 1 Opus Exhibition’ at Berlin’s famous Camera Work gallery - and it’s incredible #photography #camerawork #berlin

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  13. Gallery Hopping: Discovering Vivian Maier 

    Photography fans, don’t miss Vivian Maier: Photographs of Children, a beautiful exhibition on view from July 17 - September 13 in Toronto, Canada.

    A previously unknown photographer, Vivian Maier (American, 1926-2009), attained recognition when she auctioned off her belongings in 2007, including her extraordinary street portraits of city-dwellers in the 20th century. For the majority of her life, the superbly talented Maier held her gift under wraps, while maintaining a career as a Chicago-based nanny. Although she kept her images private, Vivian Maier was never without her camera. She had a great ability to document beautifully candid moments in the lives of her subjects.

    Starting this Thursday, July 17th, the Stephen Bulger Gallery is showing a number of Maier’s black and white photographs, selected from her inventory of 120,000. The subjects of this collection are primarily children — those that Maier watched over and those that interested her throughout her travels. Each portrait documents an incredible backstory and provokes a specific emotion, proving that Maier truly was ahead of her time. After taking a look at the collected works, it becomes clear to any viewer why Vivian Maier has accumulated such instant, posthumous prominence as a 20th century photographer. Be sure to check out the exhibit, for each work in Vivian Maier: Photographs of Children brilliantly upholds the expression that a picture is worth a thousand words.

    We would be remiss not to mention these other great exhibits opening this week:

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Bazaar Art Jakarta at Ota Fine Arts

    Singapore, Singapore

    EDITION(ed) by Art Galleries Associations Singapore at Ikkan Art International

    Tokyo, Japan

    The Summer Dream 2014 at Gallery Naruyama

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  14. Face Time

    An appropriate theme in the age of the selfie, we’re delighted to present Face Time, a special auction of photographic portraits by celebrated artists, including Andy Warhol, David LaChapelle, Chuck Close, Steve McCurry, Bert Stern, and Annie Leibovitz.

    Browse at your leisure. 

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  15. Fancy some pill-shaped jewelry by enfant terrible Damien Hirst
    Apparently, it’s available in 18K yellow, rose or white gold. 

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