1. Photographers from around the world captured the closest "supermoon" of 2014 in gorgeous, dramatic images.

    Image: Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounio, Greece. Photo: Nicolas Koutsokostas/Demotix/Corbis.

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  2. Legendary photographer Hassan Hajjaj is joining us at the office tonight

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  3. If you’ve been anywhere near The Standard Hotel’s swanky High Line location this weekend, you may have noticed that something large, colorful, and pulsating with light has wrapped itself around the hotel’s entrance. Fear not, it isn’t a sign of an alien invasion, just a new sculpture by lovable art duo FriendsWithYou

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  4. This dazzling piece by Yayoi Kusama elicits that hypnotic sensation of star gazing, the canvas echoing the wide expanse of a nighttime sky.

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  5. This week, Late Turner: Painting Set Free, a major exhibition exploring the late paintings of renowned artist JMW Turner, opens at Tate Britain. More than 180 works have been brought together to disprove some of the myths surrounding Turner’s work during his final years..

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  6. On our must-see list this fall is Luciano Ventrone’s incredible new show, The Thrill of the Real, on view at New York’s Hollis Taggart Galleries. 

    Ventrone’s choice of subjects ties him to the traditional still life painters of the past. However, it is his focus on the application of paint, his treatment of color and light, and his dramatic compositions that place him among the modernists.

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  7. Because it’s fashion month ..

    Michel Comte’s stunning portrait of supermodel Gisele Bundchen

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  8. Day dreaming of sunny skies: West Coast artist Joe Goode’s gorgeous blue, slightly cloudy sky rendered in oil onto a canvas is reminiscent of sunny Los Angeles where the artist lives and works. 

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  9. New York in the fall: discover our editor’s must-see list of exhibitions

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  10. The global market for Chinese art and antiques is worth a massive $8.5 billion - take a look at the top 30 Chinese artists

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  11. Spotlight: Art Galleries

    We’re delighted to introduce the newest members of our exclusive Gallery Network. Browse them at your leisure during those beautiful autumn days. 

    1. DJL Lalique - New York, NY

    2. Gallerie Sparta - West Hollywood, CA

    3. Lilford Gallery - Canterbury, Kent

    4. pop/off/art gallery Moscow-Berlin - Moscow; Berlin

    5. The Cob Gallery - London

    6. William A. Karges Fine Art - Beverly Hills

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  12. Take an exclusive sneak peek at our anticipated Urban Art auction, live from September 11.! 

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  13. Oh dear, the New York Police Department is not happy with a new graffiti exhibition.

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  14. In incredible news, a beautiful Monet landscape was found in art hoarder Cornelius Gurlitt’s suitcase, months after his death.

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  15. As New York Fashion Week kicks off, take a few minutes to immerse yourself in the beautiful world of fashion photography on artnet.com/auctions #photography #nyfw #normanparkinson

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