1. Some cool photography for those hot summer days

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  2. Time for our Private Sale preview party #artnetauctions (at Artnet)

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  3. As ArtEverywhereUS kicks off, take a look at the 58 most beloved American artworks.

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  4. Masterpieces by Warhol, Bacon, and Doig are among the top 10 most expensive artworks auctioned in July, totaling $130.8 million. 

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  5. We caught up with legendary Leica photographer Ralph Gibson to chat about his inspirations, current projects, and favorite Contemporary art.

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  6. When those Summer heat waves hit, there is absolutely nothing more delightful than splashing into the ocean. 
    We have the next best thing: a selection of beautiful, cool, photographs, from Annie Leibovitz to Brett Weston and Hiroshi Sugimoto. 

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  7. Browsing Basquiat #artnetauctions #basquiat (at Artnet)

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  8. Our fellow Americans voted on the most iconic American artworks, and starting on August 4, they will be displayed in public spaces around the country.

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  9. Picasso Baby! 

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  10. Cultural Summer: Art Galleries 

    As we enter into the official last moth of summer, use those balmy afternoons to meander through these gorgeous galleries, the newest members of our Gallery Network. 

    1. Constantine Lindsay Ltd- London, United Kingdom

    2. Mead Carney- London, United Kingdom

    3.Piero Atchugarry - Tierra Garzón, Uruguay

    4. Select Fine Art -Palm Beach, FL, USA

    5. The Tolman Collection London - London, United Kingdom

    Pictured: Andy Warhol, photographed by Dennis Hopper, courtesy of Mead Carney

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  11. Artist Paul Cummins planted a sea of 88,246 red ceramic poppies at the Tower of London to mark the centennial of Britain’s entrance into WWI.

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  12. Jeff Koons is taking over the city (at Rockefeller Center)

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  13. We’re kicking off the weekend with some fabulous photography

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  14. Never a dull moment in the #artnetauctions department #roylichtenstein (at Artnet)

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  15. This summer, visitors to Times Square will see—and interact with—something unexpected: 17 sections of chain-link fence, scattered around the Europeanized plazas of New York’s most famous hub.
    These artworks are collectively called Nearness, and are the brainchild of Cuban artist Arlés del Rio.

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