1. Girl’s best friend? Marilyn at the Drive-in, 1952, photographed by Philippe Halsman

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  2. 'Phoenix', 2013 by Tomás Saraceno at Andersen's Contemporary. Yes, that's a genuine spider web.

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  3. Lots of activity around the Thadeus Ropac booth, showing Baselitz, Katz and Longo amongst others.

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  4. Previewing Art Cologne: Plenty of VIP’s taking a look before doors open later today

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  5. Painter Eduardo Dalbono’s (1841-1915) picturesque image of a beautiful and tranquil afternoon in the heart of Italy is the centerpiece of tomorrow’s sale at Norwegian auction house Christiania auktionsforretning AS. Dalbono’s artistic practice was based around the study of nature. An acclaimed artist during his lifetime, he was represented by Goupil & Cie in France, one of the leading art dealers internationally at that time.


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  6. Ahead of Art Cologne’s VIP opening today, we caught up with Art Cologne Prize winner Rosemarie Schwarzwälder to talk about the early days, her artists, and elegant dinners with Rudolf Zwirner. 

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  7. Art world bad boy Damien Hirst’s ghostwritten biography threatens to expose the “filthy money business” of the art world, in which, let’s face it, he’s a major player. 

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  8. Art Galleries

    We are delighted to welcome these seven art galleries from Paris to Bangkok to our exclusive Gallery Network this month.

    1. ArtisticsParis, France

    2. Galerie André Hayat—Paris, France

    3. Galleri Flach Stockholm, Sweden 

    4. Galerie LN / Edition LN Paris, France 

    5. London West Bank London, United Kingdom 

    6. Thavibu Gallery Bangkok, Thailand 

    7. The Photo Gallery Halmstad, Sweden 

    Pictured: Faye DunawayTerry O’Neill, Los Angeles, 1977, courtesy of The Photo Gallery 

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  9. Aaron Curry: From Texas Kid to International Art Star

    Aaron Curry is one of those exceptional artists who has stayed true to his own unique style while taking his career and work to the next level. So, how did the soft-spoken Texas kid grow up to become an internationally acclaimed art star?

    by Hendrik Hansson

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    Mid career artists are often confronted with the creative challenge of maintaining their own unique style while exploring new ideas and concepts to take their career to the next level. At 41, Aaron Curry is an artist who finds himself in the middle of this period. Contrary to some of his contemporaries, he’s defying expectations by continually building on his early success - by showing impressive consistency and exploring new materials and mediums within his distinctive style rather than trying to reinvent himself and his art. Curry’s outdoor exhibition in New York’s Lincoln Center plaza late last year gave the artist well-deserved public exposure that could potentially be viewed as a breakthrough moment. The 14 piece show featured Curry’s trademark brightly colored abstract figurative sculptures.

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  10. Beware of the ferocious guard dog #officedog #artnet (at Woolworth Building)

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  11. The integration of art in dark films is the focus of an incredible new book, The Dark Galleries. 

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  12. "Let them eat cake." 

    Norma Shearer as Marie Antoinette, photographed by Hiroshi Sugimoto

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  13. When Art & Tech Meet

    Art & Tech are finally meeting this week: Can Silicon Valley moguls be turned on to collecting art? The Silicon Valley Contemporary art fair is testing the water. 

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  14. Modernism is the original creation of enlightened human beings, it is the ultimate observation of the meaning of existence.

    Ai Weiwei 

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  15. Springtime and Still Life 

    Flowers, books, seashells, postcards, animals, and marbles are just some of the items that have found their way into new still life paintings that are now on display at Susan Powell Fine Art during its annual Still Life Invitational. The show, taking place April 4 to 27, features 21 artists and, as gallery owner Susan Powell explains, "The painters explore the graceful beauty found in everyday simple or overlooked subjects as well as Trompe l’Oeils that play with the viewer’s perception of what’s real and what’s not."

    The essence of Spring, don’t miss this beautiful exhibition at Susan Powell Fine Art if happen to be near Madison, Connecticut. 

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