1. Surf’s Up! 

    Michael Dweck: Mermaid, 2008 

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  2. London in the rain?

    Raindrops by British artist Adam Fuss

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  3. Despite a campaign from fans, the much-loved Los Angeles mural touting indie rock band Foster the People has been painted over. 

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  4. “This is art that matters, this is as important as it gets.” 
    Gopnik and fellow New York art critic Christian Viveros-Fauné browse “Here and Elsewhere,” the eye-opening, museum-filling survey of contemporary art from the Arab world currently at the New Museum.

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  5. Romantic and beautiful: Paris in the rain

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  6. Peaceable Kingdom

    Edwards Hicks’ painting, Peaceable Kingdom, was chosen by the people as one of the 58 Most Beloved American Artworks in this summer’s hugely popular ArtEverywhereUS project. 

    If you’d like to see one of Hicks’ works up close, Perillo’s World of Fine Art Gallery in Tampa, FL is featuring an interpretation of Peaceable Kingdom. Titled, “Peaceable Kingdom - Deep in the Jungle”, it’s a gorgeous example of Perillo’s dreamy Peaceable Kingdom paintings.

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  7. West Coast Gallery Hopping

    This week, we’re heading back to the West Coast to attend the opening of Personaat San Francisco based gallery, Scott Richards Contemporary Art. Persona is the first U.S. solo exhibition for Swedish transplant, Anna Halldin-Maule (Swedish, 1972). The exhibition will showcase a series of portraits-all of which depict young women partially nude and adorned with fanciful ornamentations of some variety. For instance, Imitation of Life depicts a woman with an elaborate floral headdress. This work takes on an almost ethereal quality, owing to the muted color palette and choice of adornment. All of her works follow this trend, making her portraits at once minimalistic and otherworldly.

    When you first come across the portraits in this exhibit, you might be inclined to mistake them for photographs since they appear hyper-real. This photorealism is a hallmark of Halldin-Maule’s technique. Though these works are in fact oil paintings, the influence of photography is implicit in their construction. Halldin-Maule paints from life. She frames, plans and positions her works and strives to make her pieces look as close to reality as possible, which is not so dissimilar to what a photograph captures. Although there is an underlying irony to this, since her subjects don’t appear to be a part of this world at all.

    Through the works on display, Halldin-Maule explores the idea of “glamour” and specifically in relation to attitudes towards women. Society imposes the expectation to be glamourous, i.e., at all times enviable and desirable, on women. These works question the idea that “glamour” is deeply embedded in the feminine mystique by simultaneously confirming its existence, through the ethereal compositions, and also by refuting it, by begging the viewer to consider why a woman’s identity might be so bound up with this concept. Halldin-Maule tries to figure out what defines female identity by visually sifting through all these societal expectations.

    What first may seem like a series of whimsical portraits blossoms into a complex commentary on femaleness. This is surely a unique exhibit worth checking out. Come join us on the San Francisco bay!

    We would be remiss not to mention these other great exhibits opening this week!


    COBRA at Robinsons Art Gallery


    Syria’s Apex Generation, London at Ayyam Gallery

    Portland, Oregon

    August Artist of the Month: New Oil And Acrylic Paintings by Arne Westerman at Attic Gallery


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  8. On the occasion of the Pop Art star’s birthday, we present 8 rare party photos from the Warhol factory. 

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  9. “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” - Andy Warhol 

    Happy Birthday to Pop art icon Andy Warhol, born on this day in 1928.

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  10. Some cool photography for those hot summer days

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  11. Time for our Private Sale preview party #artnetauctions (at Artnet)

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  12. As ArtEverywhereUS kicks off, take a look at the 58 most beloved American artworks.

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  13. Masterpieces by Warhol, Bacon, and Doig are among the top 10 most expensive artworks auctioned in July, totaling $130.8 million. 

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  14. We caught up with legendary Leica photographer Ralph Gibson to chat about his inspirations, current projects, and favorite Contemporary art.

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  15. When those Summer heat waves hit, there is absolutely nothing more delightful than splashing into the ocean. 
    We have the next best thing: a selection of beautiful, cool, photographs, from Annie Leibovitz to Brett Weston and Hiroshi Sugimoto. 

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