1. Artists from over 30 countries have traveled to Tunisia’s island of Djerba to participate in the making of an open-air street art museum in the small town of Er-riadh.

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  2. As New York Fashion Week kicks off, take minute to dive into the beautiful world of fashion photography 

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  3. A cultural evening with Gary Panter at Fredericks & Freiser #galleryhopping #newyork

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  4. An incredible sculpture by artist Ronald Ventura, this piece is on view at New York’s Tyler Rollins Gallery this fall, don’t miss it. #galleryhopping

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  5. So much to see, so little time! Here’s Judith Schaechter at Claire Oliver Gallery #galleryhopping #newyork

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  6. To celebrate the start of New York Fashion Week, we’re taking a look at the increasingly intertwined worlds of art and fashion. Nowadays, art plays the muse while fashion gives it a different kind of exposure.

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  7. Autumn Gallery Hopping

    School is back in session and starting today so are our beloved Chelsea galleries. To kick off the fall gallery season we are heading straight to Mitchel-Innes & Nash’s Chelsea location to see Justine Kurland’s (American, 1969) new show, Sincere Auto Care. This will be her third solo exhibition with the gallery. Kurland is best known for her romantic portraits of the American landscape and her approach to landscape photography is wholly her own. In essence, Kurland is a storyteller. She is intrigued by the relationship between the people that inhabit the forgotten parts of the American landscape and the landscape itself. She uses these two interests to create a pictorial narrative that is specific to the landscape she is depicting. By staging her works, she is able to bring together both the real and the imagined to create a world that mythologizes the American terrain. In this latest body of work, Kurland turns to the subject of cars and the culture surrounding cars.

    This is a new type of landscape for Kurland. In a real way, she has scaled down the focus of her lens to capture all of the minutiae of the car culture. True to her storytelling gift, she has constructed a world that explores all of the symbolism connected to cars while still highlighting the grittier details of this microcosm. As always, there is a balance between the real and the imagined in her work. This exhibition is presented alongside, Days Inn, a special show curated by Kurland. It is on view at Mitchel-Innes & Nash’s Madison Ave location and will run simultaneously with Sincere Auto Care. The title of the show derives its name from a sign for a motel that Kurland and her son spotted on their travels across the country. All of the works selected for the show are signs of some sort and the show explores the significance of signs and symbols in our daily lives, as we are constantly bombarded with signage from every angle. These two complimentary shows are a perfect introduction to the fall gallery season. Be sure to go and have a look!

    We would be remiss not to mention these other great shows opening today!

    New York, New York, USA

    Anthropos New York: Navigating Human Depth in Thai and Singapore Contemporary Art at Sundaram Tagore Gallery

    Brian Calvin at Anton Kern Gallery

    Chakaia Booker A Fluid Space Projective Space at David Krut Fine Art

    Jérôme Lagarrigue: Visible Man at Driscoll Babcock Galleries

    Judith Schaechter:Dark Matter at Claire Oliver Gallery

    Julie Blackmon: Free Range at Robert Mann Gallery

    Laura Letinsky: Yours, more pretty at Yancey Richardson

    Lothar Hempel: PEOPLE LIKE YOU FIND IT EASY at Anton Kern Gallery

    Luciano Ventrone: The Thrill of the Real at Hollis Taggart Galleries


    Rachel Lee Hovnanian: Plastic Perfect at Leila Heller Gallery

    Roxy Paine: Denuded Lens at Marianne Boesky Gallery

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  8. On the occasion of his project in Times Square, we caught up with Spanish artist Daniel Canogar to ask him a few very important questions. #danielcanogar #timessquare #artnetnews

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  9. It’s all about California Cool this week, check it out. 

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  10. With hot summer days cooling into autumn, the new season beckons with an abundance of unmissable art shows. 

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  11. Rembrandt, Richter, and Koons are among the top 10 most popular artists this summer. 

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  12. With hot summer days cooling into autumn, the new season calls for some redecorating. Look no farther. 

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  13. The summer is over and the British art world is finally waking up from its seasonal torpor with great exhibitions opening up and down the country.

    Pencil in some of our top 25 favorite shows. 

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  14. We caught up with artist Sean Scully to talk inspirations and future projects, read the interview on news.artnet.com #artnetnews

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  15. With autumn just around the corner, here’s our must-see art guide to Montréal.

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