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  2. Take a look at the top 300 most popular Modern & Contemporary artists right now. 

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  3. This week marks the highly anticipated start of the Fabergé egg hunt in New York. Renowned jeweler Fabergé commissioned artists and designers such as Jeff Koons, Carolina Herrera, Zaha HahidTracey Emin, and Julian Schnabel to create 22 dozen giant eggs which have been hidden throughout the five boroughs. Happy Hunting! 

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  4. Incredible: Check out 7 artists who were arrested for they art 

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  5. Eric Fischl, Chuck Close and Ralph Gibson pose with Ross Bleckner at his opening at Mary Boone Gallery. Check out who else feted the show. 

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  6. Basquiat, Lichtenstein, Richter .. check out the top 300 most popular artists.

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  7. Curating The Whitney Biennial 

    In a few days, the 2014 Whitney Biennial, the last to take place in the Whitney Museum’s Marcel Breuer-designed building on Madison Avenue, will open. With 103 artists brought together by three curators working virtually independently of one another, this year’s Biennial is really a three-in-one. 

    We spoke to two of the curators about the unique challenges and thrills of curating the Biennial.

    Presented by Bottega Veneta

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  8. From Picasso to Dalí and Basquiat, discover the top 300 most popular artists in January. 

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  9. Introducing Contemporary Abstraction, our latest auction featuring masterpieces by Jim Dine, Sol LeWitt, Ross Bleckner, and Sam Francis. 

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  10. Stand-Out Artists Of 2013

    From James Turrell to Yayoi Kusama and Zeng Fanzhi, take a look the most talked-about and successful artists of 2013. 

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  11. A look back: These top 300 artists were the most popular at the end of 2013.

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  12. Lin Tianmiao & Wang Gongxin

    We sat down with two of the most celebrated Chinese Contemporary artists, Lin Tianmiao and Wang Gongxin, to discuss their careers and famous artworks. 
    Beijing-based Lin and Wang are not only individually recognized as highly influential in Chinese Contemporary Art, but are also an esteemed husband and wife team. In the interview, the couple talks about past collaborative and solo exhibitions, and share details about their professional and personal relationship.

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  13. Remember the classic interactive New York Times chart of box-office grosses? Here’s something similar for artists. 

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  14. Hugo Boss Prize

    The six finalist for the prestigious Hugo Boss Prize have been named. Contending for the $100,000 award which also includes an exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York are Steve Mcqueen, Paul Chan, Sheela Gowda, Camille Henrot, Hassan Khan, and Charline von Heyl.

    Established in 1996, the prize is given every two years to an artist making significant contributions in contemporary art and has distinguished itself because it has no restrictions on age or nationality. Despite the male-dominated realm of contemporary artists, half of the 2014 finalists are women. 

    The winner will be announced next fall and the show is scheduled for spring 2015.

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  15. Top 300

    Unsurprisingly, the elusive street artist Banksy leads our monthly list of the top 300 artists around the world. He is closely followed by Pop Art icon Andy Warhol, who claimed the top spot in September, and Roy Lichtenstein.

    Check out the top 300 artists. 

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  16. Renaissance For Women

    During the Italian Renaissance, women were born to be married off, usually in order to strengthen familial ties. Once married, a woman was then expected to bear as many children as she could. 

    However, more female painters existed during the Renaissance than is immediately apparent, and more and more of their incredible stories are being unveiled and recounted.

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