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  2. The cliché is as true as ever: Art Basel remains the industry’s mecca - and it’s a billion-dollar blast, from Georg Baselitz to Yayoi Kusama.

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  3. Art Basel in pictures: See Multi-millions dollar masterpieces tempt art lovers at the Swiss fair this week.

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  4. As this year’s Art Basel opens for VIPs with 285 galleries from 34 countries, we’ve selected the top 25 best booths to give you a taste of what’s on offer.

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  5. While you’re in Switzerland for Art Basel, don’t miss these 7 excellent art shows in picturesque Zuricha worthy amuse-bouche to summer’s biggest art event.

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  6. Art Basel Hong Kong

    The second edition of Art Basel Hong Kong triumphed with strong sales - thanks to the buying power of Asian collectors. 

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  7. Art Basel Hong Kong

    Headlining a dazzling Hong Kong art week, Art Basel opened for VIPs today. An art world hotspot, Hong Kong’s social life goes into overdrive this week with a whirlwind of gallery openings, art auctions, and champagne-fueled parties. 

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  8. In an exhibition commission of unprecedented scale for an art fair, Art Basel, the Fondation Beyeler, and Theater Basel have teamed up with international curatorial powerhouses Hans Ulrich Obrist and Klaus Biesenbach to bring the latest edition of their performance-as-sculpture exhibition to Basel this summer. Titled 14 Rooms this time around, it’s set to run for the full length of Art Basel

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  9. ABMB

    Bienvenidos a Miami! The art world’s MVPs and art lovers worldwide are about to descend on Miami to take part in Art Basel Miami Beach. 
    The fair will immerse visitors in four days of art fairs, exhibitions, installations, openings, and pop-up shops, and let’s not forget parties.. all set in beautiful Miami Beach.

    Read our essential guide to Art Basel Miami Beach. 

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  10. Miami Art Week

    We’re out enjoying Miami’s art world madness! From Tracey Emin at Soho House to Art Basel Miami Beach and Scope Art Show, check out our first impressions from Miami Art Week.

    Also, here’s our essential guide to Art Basel Miami Beach

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  11. Art Basel 2013

    The international art-loving jet set flocked to Switzerland this week for Art Basel. With more than US$2 billion worth of art to choose from, it certainly is the biggest Contemporary art fair worldwide. 

    In the largest sector of the fair, 230 of the world’s leading galleries are displaying high-caliber Modern and Contemporary pieces, as many art dealers have made an effort to hold back their best pieces for Art Basel.
    For those interested in artists on the cutting-edge of the emerging art scene, the Statements sector is featuring solo projects by emerging artists.

    Here’s our guide to this year’s Art Basel.  

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  12. Art Basel

    Art Basel, the art world’s summer destination since 1970, celebrated its VIP opening yesterday. 

    The largest sector of the fair will showcase 230 of the world’s leading galleries displaying high-caliber Modern and Contemporary pieces. However, for those of you looking for artists on the cutting-edge of the emerging art scene, be sure to check out the Statements sector, which will feature solo projects by young artists. 

    Click through to find out more before hitting the show! 

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  13. Jeffrey Deitch At Art Basel

    During a conversation with art advisor Josh Baer at Art Basel last week, Jeffrey Deitch talked about the threat of private museums to fundraising and programming at MOCA Los Angeles.

    Read more about this conversation in artnet Magazine.

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  14. Video: Art Basel 2012

    Didn’t make it across the pond this year? Then sit back, relax, and watch our video from the opening of Art Basel 2012

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  15. Art Basel Looks Towards Asia

    Dealers and organizers at Art Basel are predicting an increasingly Asian-ized future for the fair, especially after news broke that Swiss collector Ulli Sigg is donating most of his Contemporary Chinese Art collection, worth about $163 Million, to the Hong Kong M+ Museum. 

    Read more about Art Basel in artnet Magazine.

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  16. Politically Engaged Art At Basel

    Drawing well-suited dealers and collectors from all corners of the globe since 1970, Art Basel is  “just as much a meeting place as a market place,” as co-director Marc Spiegler likes to put it.

    And while center stage is occupied by the big, expensive gestures made by big, rich artists, plenty of politically-engaged, socially-grounded artworks are still to be found in the city.

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