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  3. The top 25 women in the art world, from Dasha Zhukova to Yoko Ono

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  4. The top 25 women in the art world, from Dasha Zhukova to Yoko Ono

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  5. How the global market for Old Masters and Impressionist artworks are seeing a drop as the art market becomes increasingly focused on the postwar and contemporary art sector.

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  6. If you happen to be in Portland, Oregon, there are only a few days left to catch Attic Gallery’s beautiful show, Road Trip - Acrylic Paintings by Sandra Jones Campbell and Oil Paintings by Z. Z. Wei

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  7. Take a look at the top 10 most expensive British artists working today. 

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  8. Arts Conference in Luxembourg

    We’re delighted to to be a sponsor of Deloitte’s 7th annual Art & Finance Conference in picturesque Luxembourg, which takes place on September 18 this year. The conference takes place in a different major cultural city each year, and has already been held in Maastricht (2013), London (2009), Paris (2010), Miami (2011), and Basel (2012). Covering a range of topics from the Tax aspects of the Luxembourg Freeport to the transformation of the global art market, we’re excited to be in attendance again this year. 

    Find out more. 

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  9. The once-scandalous Young British Artists have been Britain’s artistic aristocracy for almost two decades, and the British press gives them the attention usually reserved for A-list celebrities.
    But what’s the work of those infamous YBA’s really worth? 

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  10. Legendary Women Art Dealers 

    Last week, we introduced you to three incredible women who revolutionized the New York art world of their respective times. This week, take a look at three more legendary women art dealers you need to know

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  11. Grab coffee, a croissant and catch up on the latest art world news this morning 

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  12. Art history 101: legendary women art dealers you need to know

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  13. Who’s buying what? 10 surprising facts about the collecting habits of the super rich. 

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  14. You haven’t heard of it? Missed the full-page advertisement in this past Friday’s New York Times? Don’t worry, here’s an art world insider’s tip: Christies will set an auction record for this archaic Chinese bronze tomorrow. 

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  15. Your Monday morning news: Everything you need to know to start your week, from Yoko Ono’s Guggenheim Bilbao retrospective to the Neue Galerie‘s “Degenerate Art.”

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  16. Gallery Hopping on Thursdays

    From New York to San Francisco, Thursdays call to mind leisurely walks through the arts district accompanied by excellent conversations and a few drinks. 


    By Michael Dodson

    This week, New York based gallery ACA Galleries will host a solo show of Canadian artist Joseph Peller (Canadian, 1953). This exhibit, entitled, Joseph Peller: Circadian Rhythms of the City, will display paintings, works on paper and sculpture that focus on ideas of isolation and the emotional ambivalence faced by those coexisting within the daily routines of the New York urban landscape. Specifically, Joseph Peller’s large scale oil on linen paintings of the city successfully capture those elements of confliction and the interplay between human congestion and architectural form.

    Joseph Peller’s oils depict highly complex painterly representations of architectural spaces and daily urban life. One such work titled, Skyline at Dusk, presents a realistic view of the New York skyline using his recognizable stylistic loose brushwork. He accentuates the crowded nature of the urban landscape by contrasting dark architectural shadows as the sun sets, with bright light emanating from the congested city streets and a central towering structure. The color palette utilized, which finds similarities to that used by Bellows or that of a more Modernist style, provides a romantic aesthetic element to the moment where the Circadian Rhythm of the city is most visible. Dusk displays the routine of the cities inhabitants returning home, only to be repeated with the new day. Circadian Rhythms are biological processes in which the balance of light and dark within habitable environments create a cycle or rhythm of function and successive periods of rest. Peller’s use of this idea to encompass the group of works is appropriate when coupled with an aesthetic representation of the natural and artificial stimulus within the urban landscape.


    Todd Hido, #10789-2109, Bruce Silverstein, New York, NY

    Also this week, New York based Bruce Silverstein Gallery is debuting the third solo show of original works by Todd Hido (American, 1968). The gallery will display several chromogenic prints from the American contemporary photographer’s series depicting the isolated and rural suburban architecture and landscape throughout Ohio, specifically the areas in which Hido spent his childhood. The exhibition will be held in conjunction with the publication of Hido’s most recent book, “Excepts from Silver Meadows.” (Nazraeli, 2013) This ‘fictionalized’ return to the Midwest is a reexamination of the suburban environments from the artist’s memory and is laden with melancholic and seemingly desolate spaces which provide a perfect contrast to the luminous and reflective aesthetic that is so richly detailed throughout each print.

    Todd Hido: Excerpts from Silver Meadows provides a cinematic approach and sequencing to the visual recollections of the artist’s childhood within suburban Ohio, a method perfected throughout the artist’s twenty five years of photographic experience. These recent works are increased in size, which provides a heightened evocation of the desolate landscapes and the feelings of loneliness within them, especially during the night. One specific work, #10789-2109, provides a glimpse through a rain spotted front car window onto an empty motel parking lot brightly illuminated by colorful yet blurred Christmas colored lights. The intensity of the lighting cutting through the darkness provides a welcoming and unthreatening offering to those in need of refuge from the rain.  The theme of anonymity throughout Hido’s series of unfocused and often blurred locations in Excerpts from Silver Meadows reveal an equally beautiful and poetic look upon the seemingly uninhabited landscape, hinting upon the idea that the artist’s feelings of nostalgia for his childhood environment actually exist. 


    Joseph Peller, Skyline at Dusk, ACA Galleries, est. 1932, New York, NY

    Make sure to catch these additional opening throughout the city as well

    New York, NY

    Don Eddy: Two Realms at Nancy Hoffman Gallery

    March 13-April 26, 2014, 520 w 27th Street, New York, NY

    Jerome Liebling: Matter of Life and Death at Steven Kasher Gallery

    March 13-April 19, 2014, 521 w 23rd Street, New York, NY

    Osaretin Ighile at Skoto Gallery

    March 13-April 19, 2014, 529 W 20th Street, New York, NY

    San Francisco, CA

    Charles ARNOLDI: New Paintings at Modernism Inc.

    March 13-April 19, 2014, 685 Market Street, San Francisco, CA

    Mark ULRIKSEN: Irrational Exuberance at Modernism Inc.

    March 13-April 19, 2014, 685 Market Street, San Francisco, CA

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