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  2. David LaChapelle's work transcends the worlds of fashion and art and frequently exploits pop culture with an air of excess - as seen in this image of Pamela Anderson titled Hollywood Nights. 

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  3. One more time .. David LaChapelle’s naughty schoolgirl rendition of Britney Spears. 

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  4. As artist David LaChapelle celebrates his 51st Birthday this week, take a look at some of his most iconic artworks.

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  5. Meeting David LaChapelle

    We caught up with artist and photographer David LaChapelle at Gilded Lily in New York City. Watch the artist talk candidly about the rapid and seamless evolution of his work as it stems across a multitude of disciplines, including fashion, commercial photography, film, advertising, and fine art photography

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  6. Dolce Vita

    Deeply influenced by Surrealism, David LaChapelle’s work walks the line between fashion and Fine Arts. 

    Pictured: Pamela Dolce Vita, Los Angeles, 2001

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  7. Appropriately titled ‘Hollywood Nights’, this is a classic David LaChapelle portrait of Pamela Anderson, sprawled on the floor and covered in strategically placed stars. 

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  8. Anytown

    The iconic style in which David LaChapelle seamlessly blends pop culture, fashion and high art in his photographs:
    Originally shot for French Vogue, LaChapelle shows supermodel Alek Wek standing in the middle of the street in "Anytown USA."

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  9. Jeff Koons: Sandwich

    Typical LaChapelle: Pictured is Jeff Koons holding two slices of bread and standing over a model covered in what looks like a slice of cheese—Jeff Koons’s ideal sandwich!

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  10. David LaChapelle

    Originally shot for French Vogue, this image is a sublime yet ironic example of the manner in which artist David LaChapelle seamlessly blends pop culture, fashion, and high art in his photographs. 

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  11. Staged Photography

    From Cindy Sherman to David LaChapelle, this week we’re turning the spotlight onto Staged and Constructed Photography

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  12. Amanda Lepore

    Typical LaChapellehe transcends the worlds of fashion and art, and often exploits popular culture with an air of excessive beauty.

    Pictured is model, artist, and fashion icon, Amanda Lepore, kneeling provocatively atop a mirrored surface.


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  13. Pamela Anderson

    American photographer David LaChapelle seamlessly blends pop culture, fashion, and high art in his provocative and often comical photographs. His portraits of celebrities successfully exaggerate aspects of their personalities and their personal lives! 

    Pictured is his 2004 work, Pamela Anderson: Miracle Tan. 

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  14. LaChapelle Scandal

    Photographer David LaChapelle is suing his former manager Fred Torres; apparently, Torres owes him more than US$2.8 million in proceeds from the sales of his works.

    According to a Manhattan federal court filing, Mr. Torres is also holding on to 800 exhibition prints, which he is keeping in storage facilities around the world. 

    Find out more about David LaChapelle

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  15. LaChapelle In Italy

    If you’re in Italy right now, the Lucca Centre of Contemporary Art is opening LaChapelle tomorrow, June 29, 2012! 

    Its a spectacular anthological journey through 53 photographs by American artist David LaChapelle from some of his most famous series, and also includes two tributes to Michael Jackson! 

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  16. LaChapelle’s Retrospective In Korea

    Photographer David LaChapelle's hugely anticipated retrospective opened over the weekend at Bexco Art Center, Busan, South Korea. The exhibition showcases over 200 classic and recent photographs. 

    Alongside familiar subversive photographs originally commissioned for fashion and celebrity editorials, the show explores LaChapelle’s personal projects, created recently as part of his artistic and critical expression. 

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