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  2. For all the besties among us .. "Best Buddies" is a fabulously large screenprint by the art world’s favorite bad boy - painter, filmmaker and director Julian Schnabel. 

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  3. The Life & Times of Basquiat

    When Annina Nosei and Larry Gagosian shared a Loft together, Mary Boone showed Julian Schnabel’s first Solo Show in spacious open-plan factory floors – SoHo, the now hip neighborhood was quiet a different place back then and is the beginning of the story of Jean-Michel Basquiat.

    By Hendrik Hansson @hendrikhansson


    SoHo in the late 1970’s was very different to the hip neighborhood that it has turned into over the last 35 years. In those days it was a grimy, unfashionable, even dangerous industrial district, populated by carpenters, textile outlets, auto-repair shops and the blue-collar laborers that worked in the area’s assorted businesses. In the winter it was freezing cold and the ice and snow often remained unswept on the streets for weeks, summers were steaming and humid. Residential conveniences barely existed, apart from the odd deli or dive bars which were frequented by drug dealers and prostitutes. 

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  4. Schnabel Show

    Infamous artist Julian Schnabel will be the subject of Julian Schnabel 1978-81, a new show at East Village gallery Oko, in collaboration with Luxembourg & Dayan.

    The gallery is showing Schnabel’s early work via a rotating exhibition of four paintings made during a period of dramatic change for both the artist and the New York City art scene. These four paintings will be on view individually in Oko’s space for a two-week period each, in order to spotlight Schnabel’s ideas and techniques in a seminal moment. 


    Pictured: David Bowie, Damien Hirst, Julian Schnabel, New York (1994), photographed by Roxanne Lowit. 

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  5. Spring Fever

    Spring is in the air and we’re getting ready with our Spring Sale on artnet Auctions! Flip through our latest album for a quick preview. 

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