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  2. ‘Degenerate Art’ Memorial

    During World War II, Nazis banned artwork by artists such as Paul Klee, Max Ernst, and Kurt Schwitters, calling it “Entartete Kunst,” which translates to ”degenerate art.” 

    Max Beckmann fled to Amsterdam, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner committed suicide, and Kurt Schwitters went on to live and die in virtual obscurity in the English Lake District.

    Now, a campaign is being launched in Britain to create the world’s first memorial to Modern artists who were persecuted by Nazis during that time. 

    “The project is about the triumph of creativity over evil,” Ian Hunter, of the Littoral Arts Trust, told the BBC. 

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  3. Happy birthday, Max Ernst!

    A pioneer of the Dada movement, the German artist was born April 2, 1891. Browse artworks by Max Ernst.

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