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  2. Interview: Martha Rosler

    We sat down with artist Martha Rosler to talk about how her work has changed, the message she’s trying to send with her art and her advice for young performance artists. 

    Read the interview and catch her work at the Bronx Museum’s exhibition, State of Mind: New California Art Circa 1970

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  3. Colette & Tilda

    It is difficult to trace the roots of an idea to its source, and, as the pundits say, everything has been done before. Therefore, it is with an equivocal eye that one might gaze upon the sleeping actress, Tilda Swinton, in a glass box at The Museum of Modern Art.

    The artist Colette Lumiere slept in a glass case on public display for her Liberte to Olympia exhibition, at the Rempire Gallery in Soho, in September, 1991. As this performance piece predates Swinton’s by four years, it might be speculated that the androgynous actress was inspired by this exhibit.

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  4. Happy Birthday Marina

    Happy birthday Marina Abramovic! Born in Belgrade in 1946, the controversial artist celebrates her 66th birthday today. 

    Celebrated as a pioneering practitioner of Performance Art, Abramovic is best known for her works that explore the physical limitations of the body, as well as the body’s potential as a vehicle to spiritual metamorphosis.

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  5. Casting Jesus

    Christian Jankowski's satirical look at depictions of Christ.

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  6. Sharon Lockhart at LACMA

    Noa Eshkol, the new multi-media exhibition by Sharon Lockhart, opens today at LACMA:

    Noa Eshkol is a multimedia meditation on the achievements of Israeli dance composer and textile artist Noa Eshkol. Lockhart discovered Eshkol’s groundbreaking work during a 2008 trip to Israel, and filmed Eshkol’s aging students and a newer generation of dancers performing her choreography in an effort to bring her visionary work to light.

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  7. Sonnier’s Neon Chandeliers

    Keith Sonnier was one of the first light sculptors in the 1960s, and has been among the most successful.

    His latest exhibition, Lichtblicke I, is currently at the BMW Museum in Munich, in collaboration with Häusler Contemporary, through July 25.

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  8. Yayoi Kusama & Louis Vuitton

    Louis Vuitton is collaborating with avant garde artist Yayoi Kusama! The collection of clothes and accessories, graced with Kasuma’s artistic touch, will be launched on July 10. 

    The debut of the collaboration coincides with the opening of Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition at the Whitney Museum, July 12. 

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  9. Cooking at the Austrian Cultural Forum

    No Wiener schnitzel was served at the Austrian Cultural Forum’s 10-year anniversary celebration last week, but vegan beef tartare and food-based Performance Art were on the menu.

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  10. MoMA’s Multimedia Garage Sale

    From MoMA’s site, “This November Martha Rosler brings her multimedia installation and performance Meta-Monumental Garage Sale to MoMA. You can participate in this exchange of consumer goods—and of real and fictive narratives and ideas—by donating items. On select weekends from May 12 until summer, you can be a part of this work by donating your castoffs, no-longer-wanted objects, bric-a-brac, and odd items.”

    Your big break in to the art world could be a dumpster dive away.

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  11. Antony’s Abramović Song Coming in August

    A live album by Antony and the Johnsons is coming in August, largely made up of symphonic versions of songs from the band’s four full-length studio albums.

    But its previously-unreleased title track, Cut the World, is from the stage show, The Life and Death of Marina Abramović.

    Can a live collaboration between Antony and Abramović at the Meltodown Festival be next? We hope so!

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  12. Olowsk’s Alphabet

    Polish artist Paulina Olowska presents Alphabet (2005/2012) at the MoMA, May 1, 2012.

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  13. Remembering Joseph Beuys

    Happy birthday, Joseph Beuys (German, born May 12, 1921–died January 23, 1986).

    Seen here with Andy Warhol, Beuys was a sort of Jack of All Trades, who’s career bridged Modern and Contemporary Art.

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  14. Abramović’s Performance Art Center

    “I feel like I could become a brand, like Coca-Cola, or Levis for jeans. My names is now about performing art.”

    Controversial artist Marina Abramović is raising $15 million to build a 23,000-square-foot performance art center in New York, designed by OMA.

    She hopes to begin construction by the end of the year in an abandoned theatre in Hudson; the space will feature auditoriums for long-term performances, and specially-designed reclining massage chairs for attendees to sleep in.

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  15. Political Performance: The Digital Face

    New York-based artist Liz Magic Laser brought her political performance The Digital Face to the McKittrick Hotel, as part of Oh, you mean cellophane and all that crap, the Calder Foundation’s 12-hour-long fete. 

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  16. Colette Film: Pirate in Venice

    A Pirate in Venice, a half-hour documentary/collage on Performance and Street artist Colette (Justine), premieres tomorrow in New York City. Filmed and edited by Frederike Schaefer, it is the centerpiece of an event evening at The Gershwin Hotel, beginning at 7 p.m.

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