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  2. In recent years, Photography has matured and now holds an incredibly important place in the contemporary African art scene. A potent medium for artists working on the continent, photography chimes with the revolutionary rise of digital activity in Africa, and because of the central place that family photographic portraiture has occupied in African culture since local populations had access to it. Photography invites and facilitates the process of appropriation and re-appropriation of identity, in a continent where post-colonial or post-apartheid identity are major themes for artists. It naturally engages with social and political issues that compel many artists; telling stories that need to be told.

    Discover the broad spectrum of African Photography. 

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  3. Red Recollections

    In his powerful work, contemporary African artist George (Kwesi Afedzi) Hughes explores the connection between colonialism’s turbulent past in his native Ghana, which gained it’s independence from Britain in 1957, and contemporary global conflict. 

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  4. Celebrating The Human Spirit

    This week, we’re throwing the spotlight on Africa with Ubuntu: Celebrating the Human Spirit in Contemporary African Art, an auction of over 35 Contemporary African works, that together present the incredibly diverse manners in which artists from across the continent are exploring the human condition in Africa today. 

    Discover George Afedzi Hughes’ fiercely dynamic compositions that speak directly to the British colonization of Ghana, or enjoy images that celebrate the lifestyle of the younger generations in Mali during the 1960s and explore Chéri Samba’s encapsulation of the universal human experience in a composition that defies time and place.

    Browse Contemporary African Art 


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  5. William Kentridge

    Known for his works that address the themes of history, memory, guilt, and forgiveness, South African artist William Kentridge focuses on the enormous rift between the rich and the poor. Exploring his social and political concerns with lyrical, alluring compositions, his work has a universal significance and speaks to oppression and inequity everywhere.

    Pictured is his 1993 work, Black Iris

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  6. Osaretin Ighile

    A tour-de-force work by famed Contemporary African artist Osaretin Ighile, this sculpture is made of steel armature and rope. 

    Born in 1965 in Benin City, Nigeria, Osartin is among a generation of artists who no longer view colonialism as a constant source of trauma, drawing on a profound understanding of his culture, his openness to the world, and diversity. 

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  7. Osaretin Ighile

    Nigerian artist Osaretin Ighile uses mundane materials such as asphalt, ink, rope, burnt wood, cut-up plastic crates, and metal to create his works. 

    Entanglement I: I am Black I am White (2010) is part of our inaugural Contemporary African Art auction. 

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  8. Art from Ghana

    Ghana-born artist Owusu-Ankomah's paintings show a spiritual world, without light and shadow, occupied by people and symbols. The way in which his figures coexist with the symbols in his paintings has moved through several distinct phases that reflect the artist’s own spiritual journey. 

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  9. Chris Ofili

    Contemporary African artist Chris Ofili's 2003 work shows a couple mid-kiss and is from his iconic 2003 series of similar kissing couples. 

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  10. Out of Africa

    Don’t miss this gorgeous exhibition of paintings, sculptures, and photography by 14 African Contemporary artists, debuting at Galerie Frank Schlag & CIE on August 25, 2012. Seven of the artists work out of Africa and will be present at the exhibition, while the other artists are based in Europe and the United States. 

    Discover the broad spectrum of African Art

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  11. Muensterberger’s African Art

    Decorative Art specialist Jessica Mizrachi explores African Art from the collection of art scholar Werner Muensterberger, who theorized that collecting was an Oedipal passion.

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  12. Tribal Art Week in NYC

    It’s Tribal Art Week in New York City. Explore the rich traditions of African countries, and browse African Decorative Art in galleries online.

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  13. Lalla Essaydi’s Revisions

    Revisions, Lalla Essaydi's gorgeous new exhibition at Smithsonian's National Museum of African Art, opens today!

    Essaydi’s work draws on Arabic calligraphy, and pushes the boundaries of Arab, Muslim, African, and perceptions of women’s identities.

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  14. AOA Tribal Art Fair

    The AOA Tribal Art Fair begins this Thursday in New York City. In the meantime, browse indigenous works from international galleries:

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  15. Art of West Africa

    Preview today’s important sale of Modern and Contemporary Art of West Africa, hosted by Arthouse Contemporary Limited in Nigeria.

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