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  2. In an effort to "make this house relevant once again in what we used to be: great patrons of art,” Blenheim Palace has opened its doors with artist and dissident Ai Weiwei’s largest UK exhibition.

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  3. The art always wins. Anything can happen to me, but the art will stay.

    Ai Weiwei

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  4. Spotlight: Ai Weiwei

    Ai Weiwei (Chinese, 1957),  still unable to leave China three years after his ‘conditional release’ from 81 days detention in 2011, continues to oversee production of important body of works that marvel the art community and spark uproars around the world. This year alone there have been major exhibitions at the Brooklyn Museum and the Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin.

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  5. Ai Weiwei is taking centre stage in the art would this summer with massive exhibitions in both Berlin and New York. Opening on Friday, May 23, the Chinese dissident artist’s work will also be featured at London’s renowned Lisson Gallery. 

    For this show, Ai Weiwei created a monumental new installation of bicycles as part of an ongoing series, ‘Forever’, as well as a number of hand-carved, domestic-scale copies – in various materials including wood, stainless steel and crystal – of some highly personal objects.

    Ai Weiwei is on view from Friday, May 23  July 12 at Lisson Gallery in London. 

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  6. The 15 artists you should be following on Instagram for a peek inside their processes, studios, and influences 

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  7. Ai Weiwei is censored, again: His name and work have been removed from a show in Shanghai about the history of Chinese contemporary art because of pressure from government cultural officials.

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  8. Ai Weiwei supporters are protesting against Beijing’s efforts to silence Weiwei and other Chinese writers and artists tonight from 7–8:30 p.m. outside the Brooklyn Public Library.

    To show our support, we’ve combed social media to find images of solidarity from art stars, organizations, and everyday people.

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  9. Modernism is the original creation of enlightened human beings, it is the ultimate observation of the meaning of existence.

    Ai Weiwei 

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  10. Ai Weiwei takes over Berlin

    Spanning 32,300 square feet in Berlin’s Martin-Gropius-Bau, this blockbuster show traces Ai Weiwei’s latest and most controversial work to date. Most of the works are new, tracing the time since his relationship with the government went sour ahead of the 2008 Olympics. They also tend to take a more personal tone, playing up (for better or worse) the celebrity status that he has garnered, particularly since his arrest, and which has since clouded much of the judgments of his oeuvre. 

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  11. At a press conference held Wednesday morning a prominent group of Berlin art-worlders has renewed calls for the Chinese government to allow Ai Weiwei to travel freely. The artist sent the following video message.

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  12. In need of a few laughs? We’ve rounded up some of the best art world selfies

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  13. Street artist Shepard Fairey (of Obama “Hope” fame) is back in the spotlight with another instantly identifiable image: Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei. 

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  14. Who Is Ai Weiwei?

    Who is Ai Weiwei? According to the Chinese authorities he is a bigamist, involved in tax fraud, the distribution of pornography and a plagiarist. According to art lovers, Ai Weiwei is not only an artist but also an architect, designer and activist.

    by Hendrik Hansson

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    Weiwei was born in Beijing in May of 1957. When he was one year old his family was sent to a labour camp because of his father, the poet Ai Quing’s provocative denunciation of the anti-rightist movement and were subsequently exiled to the remotest part of northwest China. The family lived in a hut, dug in the ground. Weiwei’s 60 year old father was assigned the humiliating task of cleaning the village toilets. Despite having never done any manual labour, his father’s perfectionist approach to even the most demeaning work left a lasting impression on the young Ai Weiwei. 

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  15. "A small act is worth a million thoughts."

    Ai Weiwei

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  16. The Chinese art world does not exist. It is impossible for a totalitarian society to create anything with passion and imagination.

    Ai Weiwei, Chinese artist and activist.

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