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  2. Kate

    Albert Watson took these photographs of supermodel Kate Moss in Marrakech, in 1993.

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  3. Kate, Marrakech

    Celebrated fashion photographer Albert Watson took this iconic photograph of supermodel Kate Moss in Marrakech, in 1993. Kate Moss has since said that the shot is amongst the most beautiful photographs ever taken of her. 

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  4. Kate Moss

    Supermodel enfant terrible Kate Moss, darling of designers like Alexander McQueen and John Galliano, is pictured here in a photograph by Albert Watson. The photo, taken in Marrakech on a shoot for Vogue, is now live for bidding on artnet Auctions

    The model’s highly anticipated book, Kate: The Kate Moss Book, just arriving in stores yesterday! 

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  5. Kate Moss in Marrakech

    Whether in his own art or in his commercial work, Albert Watson always uses his personal point of view and technical precision to achieve his highly recognizable style.

    This beautiful print of supermodel Kate Moss in Marrakech is the only existing platinum print of this image. Click through to place your bid on artnet Auctions

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