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  2. Now that Leon Black’s art publishing business Phaidon has absorbed online art seller Artspace: Time for some honest talk about the untested business models of online art sellers.

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  3. Art Galleries: Summer Edition

    Just in time for those long summer days, we’re delighted to introduce the newest members of our Gallery Network. Browse at your leisure. 

    1. Anders Wahlstedt Fine Art - New York, NY

    2. De Re Gallery - Los Angeles, CA

    3. Edward Kurstak, Seminole, FL

    4. Fine Art Mia - Miami, FL, New York, NY; London, UK

    5. Galerie Dennis Rackey - Bad Honnef

    6. Gary Snyder Fine Art - New York, NY

    7. Gitana Rosa Gallery - New York, NY

    8. Jamie Brooks Fine Art - Costa Mesa, CA

    9. Opiom Gallery - Opio

    10. Pop Fine Art - Los Angeles, CA

    Pictured: Cyrus Mahboubian, Alpines, courtesy of De Re Gallery 

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  4. As the hottest days of summer approach, we’re dreaming about flying off to some of the world’s most fascinating cities to see equally fascinating art. Without further ado, here are the top 10 international art shows this summer. 

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  5. Is this the end of an era? Sotheby’s and eBay are launching a new online partnership to make the historic auction house’s offerings available to a much wider web-based public..

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  6. We can’t wait to hit this year’s art fairs in The Hamptons - Each fair will bring a unique mix of exhibitors from all over the world, showing this summer’s best selections from the international and contemporary market. Click through for a sneak peak

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  7. Crime in Art

    Would you like an art experience to go with the summer binge reading of crime fiction? Then Crime in Art at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow might be the exhibition for you. Here, horrific, eerie, and criminal artworks by some of the world’s most iconic artists are on display. Alongside Andy Warhol’s prints from the Electric Chair series, the exhibition includes large-scale presentations by artists such as Christian Boltanski, Taryn Simon, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Andres Serrano, and many more.

    Crime in Art is on view until Sept 28, 2014 at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow. 

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  8. Spotlight: Art Galleries

    From Paris to Sydney, we are thrilled to spotlight the newest members of our Gallery Network. 

    1. Galerie Jean-Jacques Dutko - Paris, France

    2. Galerie Mera

    3. j.a.m. gallery

    4Jensen Gallery - Sydney, NSW, Australia

    5. Maxime Groosman Art Trading - Zurich, Switzerland

    6. MDZ Art Gallery - Knokke, Belgium

    7. MFC - Michèle Didier - Paris, France; Brussels, Belgium

    8. J. Willott Gallery - Palm Desert, CA, USA

    Image: Exhibition View, Galerie Jean-Jacques Dutko

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  9. From George Romney’s portrait of Emma Hart to Thomas Gainsborough’s painting of Grace Dalrymple Elliott, seven famous mistresses from art history.

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  10. Here’s a short itinerary for the New Yorker who wants to travel across cultures by taxi (or Uber), rather than by plane.

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  11. If you’re planing a culturally infused trip to Berlin, hurry. Several of the city’s most famous museums are closing soon for extensive periods of time. 

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  12. A European biennial in Putin’s world? Check out our first impressions of the controversial Manifesta 10. 

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  13. Marina Abramović gets quite another kind of accolade this week as the Coney Island Sideshow hosts an evening of burlesque.

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  14. Spotlight: Unix Gallery 

    Celebrating its inaugural edition, START art fair’s aim is to provide young galleries and artists with a platform and recognition that they need to develop their careers. Giving exhibitors the opportunity to present their artists to a culturally engaged, international audience, it’s being held at a world-renowned venue, the Saatchi Gallery in London.

    As the only New York-based gallery participating in the fair, UNIX Gallery is presenting a two-artist show featuring Justin Bower and KwangHo Shin. Both artists are pioneers in the realm of portraiture and have brought the genre into the 21st century on both a conceptual and technical level. 

    Discover Unix Gallery at START art fair, 26 - 29 June, 2014. 

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  15. Instagram vs Art, a new way of seeing. 

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  16. Art Galleries

    We are delighted to welcome these galleries from around the world to our exclusive Gallery Network. 

    1. Le Coin des Arts - Paris, France

    2. Eckert Fine Art - Millerton, NY, USA

    3. Gallery on Greene - Key West, FL, USA

    4. Gasiunasen Gallery - Palm Beach, FL, USA

    5. International Modern Art - Knokke, Belgium

    6. Kanalidarte - Brescia, Italy

    7. Peter Blake Gallery - Laguna Beach, CA, USA

    8. Taiyu Gallery - Taiwan

    9. The Highboy - 

    10. The House of Fine Art - London, United Kingdom

    Pictured: Roy Lichtenstein, American Still Life with Crystal Bowl, 1975, courtesy of Eckert Fine Art 

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