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  2. Art World Jailbirds

    Art dealer Mary Boon’s illegal gun possession, billionaire collector Peter Brandt’s tax violations, Knoedler Gallery’s $80 Million forgery scandal .. 

    We recall 13 top art world figures who did time for crime 

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  3. Take a look at the top 10 most expensive living German artists. 

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  4. A new study suggests that artistic talent is innate, although training can certainly have an effect.

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  5. The art world on Instagram - this week’s best-of. 

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  6. Art Galleries

    We are delighted to introduce the newest members of our Gallery Network joining us from around the world. 

    1. Abmeyer + Wood Fine ArtSeattle, WA, USA

    2. Galerie Patrick GutknechtGeneva, Switzerland

    3. LoftyNew York, NY, USA

    4. Edouard Malingue GalleryHong Kong, China

    5. Marais Fine ArtsSaint Peter Port, Guernsey

    6. Thomas V. Meyer Fine ArtSan Francisco, CA, USA

    Pictured: Incense Mantra II, 2013, Charwei Tsai, courtesy of Edouard Malingue Gallery

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  7. Take a look at Art History’s top 10 male nudes. 

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  8. How the global market for Old Masters and Impressionist artworks are seeing a drop as the art market becomes increasingly focused on the postwar and contemporary art sector.

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  9. Rhona Hoffman Gallery

    Specializing in art that is conceptually, formally, or socio-politically based, Rhona Hoffman Gallery is showing the work of Susan Hefuna this spring. 

    Born in Cairo and raised in Egypt and Germany, Hefuna discusses her personal experience living between the two cultures, through symbolism and visual metaphors in her work. Coalescing her interests in video, performance, and drawing, Notations, her second show at the space, highlights her longstanding fascination with maps, networks, architectural forms, and structural and cultural codes. 

    If you’re in Chicago this Spring, don’t miss Notations at Rhona Hoffman Gallery, April 12- May 31, 2014. 

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  10. From Hollywood to the art world, the new celebrity art collectors

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  11. From the Guggenheim’s censorship issues to the top 20 New York shows, catch up on the latest art world news. 

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  12. The art world on Instagram: our top picks this week. 

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  13. Planning a little gallery hopping over the weekend? We’ve got you covered with reviews of 20 spectacular shows by 7 art critics. 

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  14. Arts Conference in Luxembourg

    We’re delighted to to be a sponsor of Deloitte’s 7th annual Art & Finance Conference in picturesque Luxembourg, which takes place on September 18 this year. The conference takes place in a different major cultural city each year, and has already been held in Maastricht (2013), London (2009), Paris (2010), Miami (2011), and Basel (2012). Covering a range of topics from the Tax aspects of the Luxembourg Freeport to the transformation of the global art market, we’re excited to be in attendance again this year. 

    Find out more. 

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  15. Ahead of Art Cologne’s VIP opening today, we caught up with Art Cologne Prize winner Rosemarie Schwarzwälder to talk about the early days, her artists, and elegant dinners with Rudolf Zwirner. 

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  16. The integration of art in dark films is the focus of an incredible new book, The Dark Galleries. 

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