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  2. Has Van Gogh’s erratic auction market been driven by global demand or eccentric billionaires?

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  3. There are so many ways to exercise influence and power in the art world, but one thing is abundantly clear: Women play a leading role.

    We present the 100 most powerful women in art in collaboration with Cartier. 

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  4. Known for its beautifully crafted jewelry and elegant timepieces, worn by strong women throughout history, Cartier also seeks to empower women today and have collaborated with us to present the top 100 most influential ladies of the art world. 

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  5. Spotlight: Art Galleries

    We are delighted to welcome the following art galleries from around the world to our exclusive Gallery Network. 

    1. Ex Oriente Lux (XOL) Art Gallery - Baltimore, MD, USA

    2. Galleri Charlotte Lund - Stockholm, Sweden


    4.Kent Fine Art, LLC - New York, NY, USA

    5. Richard Saltoun Gallery - London, United Kingdom

    6. Sun Liangang Art Center - New York, NY, USA

    Pictured: Landscape by Ammar Khammash, courtesy of XOL Gallery 

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  6. Arts Conference in Luxembourg

    We’re delighted to to be a sponsor of the annual Deloitte Art & Finance Conference in picturesque Luxembourg. Happening on September 18 this year, the conference takes place in a different major cultural city annually. Covering a range of topics, from the Tax aspects of the Luxembourg Freeport to the transformation of the global art market, we’re excited to be in attendance again this year. 

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  7. We asked 20 women in the art world, "Is the art world biased?"

    Here’s what they said.

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  8. Now that Leon Black’s art publishing business Phaidon has absorbed online art seller Artspace: Time for some honest talk about the untested business models of online art sellers.

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  9. Sotheby’s, eBay, and the online art market: Is the junger generation comfortable with spending large amounts of money online? 

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  10. Berlin’s Fine Art Conference

    Artfi – The Fine Art & Finance Conference, is coming to art world hot spot Berlin on September 17. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this year’s global art market gathering.

    The conference is part of the Berlin Art Week, seven days full of incredible art events in the coolest city in the world, so it’s definitely a reason to join us!

    Register now

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  11. "When people who come here and want to make an investment, I send them to the bank. That’s not my profession.”
    Legendary gallerist Yvon Lambert slammed the speculative art market and bemoaned art advisors’ ever-larger roles within the market in an interview.

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  12. Is this the end of an era? Sotheby’s and eBay are launching a new online partnership to make the historic auction house’s offerings available to a much wider web-based public..

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  13. London, New York, Dubai, Hong Kong .. what are the “ingredients” necessary to turn a city into a global art hub—one which nurtures and serves a homegrown scene as well as attract the international jet set?

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  14. Not A Bubble

    By Hendrik Hansson, Follow the author on Twitter @hendrikhansson

    Recently, a sale of postwar and contemporary art at Christie’s New York generated a sum of $744 million, with many pieces selling substantially over their high estimate. Two Andy Warhol works sold for over $100 million, an incredible $30 million more than the high estimate; this included White Marilyn, 1962 a portrait completed shortly after the actresses death. Barnett Newman’s Black Fire I sold for $84.2 million, a record that almost doubled his previous best auction result.

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  15. Who are the most influential women of the European art world? 

    Take a look 

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  16. If Don Draper were an art collector, what would he buy?

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