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  2. The Top Artists

    In largely unsurprising news, Andy Warhol remains at Nr. 1 in our monthly list of the top 300 most popular Modern and Contemporary artists. He is closely followed by Roy Lichtenstein and Street Artist Banksy. Speaking of the elusive British artist, he’s taking over New York with a month-long show on the streets of the city! 

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  3. Top 300 Artists

    Andy Warhol yet again tops our monthly list of the top 300 most popular artists worldwide—reclaiming his position from last month’s Nr 1., light artist James Turrell. 

    Check out The List. 

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  4. NY Academy of Art

    This September, the New York Academy of Art is showing an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by their 2013 Academy Fellows Jonathan Beer, Aleah Chapin, and Nicolas Holiber. 

    Annually, the Academy awards three exemplary graduating students a post graduate fellowship through a highly competitive selection process. Current Fellow Aleah Chapin was first prize winner of the National Portrait Galley’s BP Portrait Award in 2012, the second American to win the prestigious prize. Previous fellowship recipients include: Ali Banisadr, Fellow 2009, Amy Bennett, Fellow 2003, and Will Kurtz

    On view through Sept 29, 2013, the show presents a powerful case for deeply-informed, conceptually based figurative art. 

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  5. Artistic Collaborations

    Marina Abramovic is not the first to capitalize on an unusual partnership. 
    One of the most notable—and unusual—artistic associations happened between the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock and one of the most famous Spanish Surrealist painters..

    A look at artistic collaborations of the 20th century.

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  6. McDermott & McGough

    We caught up with artists McDermott & McGough in Paris. 

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  7. Die Kamera

    The monumental post-industrial style and crystalline coolness of the German photographers Bernd and Hilla Becher has had a profound and enduring influence on Contemporary photography. Die Kamera: The Düsseldorf School and Beyond, now live on artnet Auctions, celebrates the strong German aesthetic of the Düsseldorf school, and features top German Contemporary artists such as Thomas Ruff, Thomas Struth, Axel Hütte, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Elger Esser. 

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  8. The Most Popular Artists

    Andy Warhol has been dethroned. The most famous Pop artist worldwide has fallen from #1 to #7 in our list of the top 300 most popular artists around the world.

    James Turrell now claims the first spot, closely followed by David Hockney and Pablo Picasso.  

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  9. Band of Outsiders

    Get some afternoon inspiration with a look at this fantastic group of self-taught artists. 

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  10. Gallery Hopping

    As summer comes into full swing, galleries have begun presenting group exhibitions that showcase the best of this year’s line-up, sneak peeks of upcoming solo shows, and guest–curated programs.

    Here’s our guide to some of this Summer’s unmissable shows.

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  11. Gilbert & George For The Highline

    British artist duo Gilbert & George have been tapped to design the next image for a 25-by-75-foot billboard at West 18th Street and 10th Avenue.

    “With all the talk today about urban life and gay marriage, it seems even more appropriate now,” Highline art director Cecilia Alemani told The New York Times.

    On view from Sept. 3 through Oct. 1, they follow in the footsteps of artists John Baldessari, Thomas Bayrle, Raymond Pettibon. 

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  12. Arte Povera

    In the 1960s, group of young, anti-elitist artists were determined to break away from the status quo of the mainstream art world. This influential avant-garde movement championed a type of art that ran counter to the prevailing styles of the market and challenged the commercial tendencies of the West in the mid-1960s.

    Read More. 

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  13. NY Academy of Art

    Introducing the New York Academy of Art's seventh annual Summer Exhibition. A group show featuring original drawings, paintings, sculptures and prints, this year’s works have been selected from more than 700 submissions by a juror panel consisting of three distinguished members of the New York art world:Allegra LaViola, owner and director of Allegra LaViola Gallery; Wendy Olsoff, curator and co-owner of P.P.O.W. Gallery; andStephanie Roach, director of The FLAG Art Foundation.

    The exhibition is on view through July 27, 2013, don’t miss it! 

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  14. Most Popular Artists

    Check out the top 300 most popular Modern and Contemporary artists around the world right now. 

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  15. Gilbert & George

    We sat down with the iconic British artist duo, Gilbert & GeorgeThe pair has described themselves as “living sculptures,” and they consider all aspects of everyday life to be opportunities for artistic expression. Enjoy the interview! 

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  16. Popular Artists

    Check out the top 300 most popular Modern and Contemporary artists in May. 

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