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  2. Watch our interview with New York-based artist Robert Longo who is famed for his bold drawings and sculptural works fusing pop culture and Fine Art. 

    Enjoy the interview and click through to browse some of his work

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  3. Travels Through Atmosphere

    Opening at Susan Powell Fine Art next week, David Dunlop’s Travels Through Atmosphere is an adventure through time and motion, through myth and science, through nature and busy cities. These travels move like memories, often blurred, illuminated and manifested in colors and imagery. Here is a journey, a walk, a moment’s hesitation before a view in which you may linger to explore and conjure a story.

    If you happen to be in Boston next week, don’t miss the opening reception, a chance to discuss your memories and travels with David Dunlop on Friday, May 2nd.

    The opening reception starts at 5:00 pm and ends at 8:30 pm at Susan Powell Fine Art 

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  4. The earth is what we all have in common, a fact which should be remembered every day.

    Today is Earth Day and as we all pause to not only understand the environmental consequences of our actions but to celebrate its beauty, take a look at how photographers have captured some of its splendor.  

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  5. I make no distinction between poetry and painting.

    Joan Miró

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  6. “I make no distinction between poetry and painting.” -Joan Miro

    Born on this day in 1893, Joan Miró’s work is loved for its joyful celebration of life and color.

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  7. Steve McCurry’s iconic image, made famous as the cover of National Geographic’s June 1985 issue, captures a young Afghan refugee living in Peshawar, Pakistan during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Known simply as Afghan Girl until she was identified by name in 2002, Sharbat Gula was 12 years old when McCurry photographed her in the refugee camp. Gula’s piercing green eyes and arresting stare have made this one of the most recognizable and beloved images in the history of photojournalism. 

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  8. Art Galleries

    We are delighted to introduce the newest members of our Gallery Network joining us from around the world. 

    1. Abmeyer + Wood Fine ArtSeattle, WA, USA

    2. Galerie Patrick GutknechtGeneva, Switzerland

    3. LoftyNew York, NY, USA

    4. Edouard Malingue GalleryHong Kong, China

    5. Marais Fine ArtsSaint Peter Port, Guernsey

    6. Thomas V. Meyer Fine ArtSan Francisco, CA, USA

    Pictured: Incense Mantra II, 2013, Charwei Tsai, courtesy of Edouard Malingue Gallery

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  9. Visions of Mary Frank

    New York’s Film Forum is showing Visions of Mary Frank with JG, a program of films by and about two important contemporary artists: Mary Frank and Tacita Dean. John Cohen – filmmaker, photographer, musician, ethnographer – visits with his friend Mary Frank in her Chelsea studio, talking about her life and art. 

    Don’t miss this chance to explore Mary Frank’s work at Susan L. Halper Fine Art, the space is dedicated to showing the work of women artists. 

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  10. Gallery Hopping


    Spring has finally come to New York City and we’re making the most of these first few balmy days with leisurely strolls through the gallery districts. 

    This week, New York based Gemini G.E.L. at Jonio Moisant Weyl will be showcasing a special group of  Robert Rauschenberg prints called the Hoarfrost Editions. The name of this series is derived from the unlikely but delicate image of ice crystals congealing on top of a fragile blade of grass. This image is important because it is reflected in the very composition of the prints in this series. All of the eight works on display are built on a foundation of either silk or chiffon only to be topped with printed material. In the case of these works, the support material is lighter than the printed material in the same way that a blade of grass is lighter than a crystal formation. One cannot support the other and yet the effect is one of beauty because the crystal produces a glistening glow just as the prints produce soft wave-like motions at the slightest movement of a passerby. Rauschenberg is deeply concerned with the notion of the effect in these works. This group of prints is also significant because they convey Rauschenberg’s attitudes about artistic practice through their composition as well. Rauschenberg completed this series of prints between the years 1974 and 1976 in collaboration with the Gemini G.E.L  workshop. Rauschenberg believed strongly in the collaborative nature of printmaking and in keeping with this belief continued to make prints out of this workshop up until the time of his death. In effect this exhibit is a meditation on practice and process in the world of the artist. Be sure to go see this exhibit, Robert Rauschenberg: Hoarfrost Editions 1974. It is on view now through the 23rd of May.


    Just a few more to take your pick from: 

    Miami, FL

    Trompe le Monde at Markowicz Fine Art, April 17 – May 17, 114 NE 40th Street, Miami, FL

    New York, NY

    Cai Jin: Return to the Source at Chambers Fine Art, April 17 – May 24, 522 West 19th Street, New York, NY

    New York, NY

    LAUNCH OF FIRST CHARITABLE FOUNDATION FOR HIGH END ART at UNIX, April 17 – April 17, 532 West 24th St, New York, NY

    The Primary Form of Painting at De Buck Gallery, April 17 – June 8, 545 West 23rd Street, New York, NY

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  11. Rhona Hoffman Gallery

    Specializing in art that is conceptually, formally, or socio-politically based, Rhona Hoffman Gallery is showing the work of Susan Hefuna this spring. 

    Born in Cairo and raised in Egypt and Germany, Hefuna discusses her personal experience living between the two cultures, through symbolism and visual metaphors in her work. Coalescing her interests in video, performance, and drawing, Notations, her second show at the space, highlights her longstanding fascination with maps, networks, architectural forms, and structural and cultural codes. 

    If you’re in Chicago this Spring, don’t miss Notations at Rhona Hoffman Gallery, April 12- May 31, 2014. 

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  12. An artist should never be a prisoner of himself, a prisoner of style, a prisoner of a reputation, a prisoner of success.

    Henri Matisse 

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  13. Take a look at the top 10 most expensive British artists working today. 

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  14. Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

    Pablo Picasso 

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  15. Arts Conference in Luxembourg

    We’re delighted to to be a sponsor of Deloitte’s 7th annual Art & Finance Conference in picturesque Luxembourg, which takes place on September 18 this year. The conference takes place in a different major cultural city each year, and has already been held in Maastricht (2013), London (2009), Paris (2010), Miami (2011), and Basel (2012). Covering a range of topics from the Tax aspects of the Luxembourg Freeport to the transformation of the global art market, we’re excited to be in attendance again this year. 

    Find out more. 

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  16. Girl’s best friend? Marilyn at the Drive-in, 1952, photographed by Philippe Halsman

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