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  2. Discover Post War prints
     on artnet Auctions this week 

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  3. Discover Post War prints on artnet Auctions this week 

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  4. Face Time

    An appropriate theme in the age of the selfie, we’re delighted to present Face Time, a special auction of photographic portraits by celebrated artists, including Andy Warhol, David LaChapelle, Chuck Close, Steve McCurry, Bert Stern, and Annie Leibovitz.

    Browse at your leisure. 

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  5. “Everybody must have a fantasy.” - Andy Warhol 

    Summer, sun, and Pop Art: immerse yourself in our new Summer Pop auction 

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  6. "You wouldn’t take a portrait of a human being from a hundred feet away and expect to capture their spirit; you’d move in close." - Nick Brandt

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  7. Ansel Adams' eery, beautiful moonrise over a church and cemetery near Hernandez, New Mexico

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  8. Palm Springs poolside gossip, captured by Slim Aaronsa photographer well-known for his portraits of the rich and famous.

    Browse our summer Hot Shots Photography auction. 

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  9. Hot Shots

    We’re delighted to debut our summer auction, Hot Shots, featuring a hand-picked a diverse selection of highly desirable photographs by blue-chip artists including Sally Mann, Vik Muniz, Robert Mapplethorpe, Gregory Crewdson, Nick Brandt, and Annie Leibovitz. 

    Browse at your leisure. 

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  10. How about a coffee break?

    Starbucks Spray by Mr. Brainwash

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  11. We are all connected, no matter how separate our paths may be.” 

    - Artist Mark Laita explains his work, Police Officers/Pimps. 

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  12. The elegance in which Horst P. Horst captured his subjects made him influential among a generation of photographers.

    Browse some of his most iconic images

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  13. Quick! Our Skate N Surf sale is only live for a few more hours, featuring decks by Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, and KAWS.

    Browse Skate N Surf.  

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  14. For his famous Cowboys and Girlfriends series, Richard Prince appropriated many images directly from the glossy Marlboro cigarette advertisements, then re-photographed, cropped and eliminated the text. This subtle act of re-photographing advertising images and presenting them as his own, initiates a new, critical approach to the production of art but is not dissimilar to the art-historically rooted method employed by Marcel Duchamp and the ready-made. 

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  15. A photographer for Coco Chanel for over three decades, Horst P. Horst was strongly supported by members of the fashion community, including the prominent fashion editor Diana Vreeland. In addition to his fashion shots and portraiture, Horst photographed landscapes, architectural interiors, and still lifes throughout his career. Embraced by the art world, Horst began exhibiting his work in significant art galleries as early as 1932, and continued throughout his career.

    Pictured: New York Still Life, 1946, by Horst P. Horst

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  16. It’s back! Don’t miss our popular Skate N Surf auction, featuring incredible decks by Murakami, Koons, and KAWS to name a few. 

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