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  2. Icons of Photojournalism

    We are thrilled to introduce Icons of Photojournalism, a groundbreaking auction by renowned photojournalists from the turn of the century to the present. Photojournalism has increasingly captured the attention of the art world,
    crossing over from news agencies to the walls of galleries and museums.

    Discover Icons of Photojournalism

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  3. Ladies and gentlemen, place your bids. There is only one day left in our Jeff Koons auction. 

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  4. Ladies and gentlemen, place your bids. There are only two days left in our Jeff Koons auction. 

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  5. Andy Warhol vs Jean-Michel Basquiat 

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  6. David LaChapelle's work transcends the worlds of fashion and art and frequently exploits pop culture with an air of excess - as seen in this image of Pamela Anderson titled Hollywood Nights. 

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  7. We’re delighted to present our latest online Auction, Seeing Stars: Celebrity Photographyfeaturing work of tantalizing personalities by leading photographers.


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  8. Canyons of steel . . Lights of New York City, captured by Ernst Haas. 

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  9. Alfred Stieglitz photographed clouds from 1922 to the 1930s in a series called "Equivalents," in which he experimented with abstraction, adhering to the concept that abstract forms could reflect inner emotions and ideas.

    Discover photography. 

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  10. For all the besties among us .. "Best Buddies" is a fabulously large screenprint by the art world’s favorite bad boy - painter, filmmaker and director Julian Schnabel. 

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  11. One more time .. David LaChapelle’s naughty schoolgirl rendition of Britney Spears. 

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  12. Alexander Calder was seduced by the Cote du Tregor as early as 1950 while having his first trip to La Roche-Jaune, which became an incredibly inspirational environment; the region is an ideal breeding ground for oysters, a motif seen here in Calder’s characteristic thick black stripes. 

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  13. Doesn’t this bring back relaxing days at the beach? 

    A classic work by Julian Opie 

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  14. Discover your inner rebel .. 

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  15. Innocent, reckless : Candy cigarette by Sally Mann 

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  16. Words on happiness 

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