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  2. Introducing Tradition and Trend: Contemporary Asian Art, a new sale on artnet Auctions featuring over 40 Contemporary Asian artworks that explore Asian portraiture, identity, tradition, and trend in diverse and unexpected ways. 

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  3. Almost Famous

    We’re thrilled to debut Almost Famous: Contemporary Asian Art, an exciting look at a new generation of leading Asian artists, many of whom are at international auction for the first time. These artists have emerged into the global art scene with an impressive roster of galleries, museums, and Fine Art fair exhibitions. 

    Pictured: Ren Zhenyu, Leaving, 2008

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  4. Contemporary Asian Art

    Feng Zhengjie, Liu Baomin, Daido Moriyama, Yayoi Kusama…Hong Kong Art Week may be coming to an end, but we’re continuing our celebration of Asian Art with a beautiful selection of work on artnet Auctions

    Browse Contemporary Asian Art.

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  5. Death in Givenchy

    “The death of a beautiful woman is, unquestionably, the most poetical topic in the world.” -Edgar Allan Poe

    In 1993, Izima Kaoru began his ongoing and now famous Landscape With a Corpse series, in which famous Japanese and Western models describe the fantasies of their own deaths to the artist, who then elaborately stages them for the camera with cinematic perspectives.

    Pictured is his 2005 work, Michele Reis Wears Givenchy, Hong Kong.

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  6. Meeting Zhang Xiaogang

    China’s priciest living artist, Zhang Xiaogang, just celebrated the opening of his latest show at New York’s Pace Gallery, an event which attracted several hundred guests. Curated by Pace’s  Arne Glimcher, the show features Zhang Xiaogang’s first series of painted bronzes, which render in three dimensions the prototypical characters who inhabit his paintings. 

    We sat down with the celebrated artist to talk about his artistic process, living in the West, and seeing art as a commodity. 

    Read the interview

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  7. Utopia

    Shi Lifeng's beautiful work, Utopia, celebrates the growing peace and prosperity in modern-day China, as well as the blossoming potential for the individuals of China.

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  8. Made in China

    Made in China is a work by Sui Jianguo, the same artist who created the giant toy Dinosaur series, which is comprised of some of the most iconic Chinese Contemporary Art pieces of the last few years.

    In his series MADE IN CHINA, Sui’s observation on global super-capitalism presents the position of China within the Contemporary capitalistic culture. This work emphasizes the conceptual reduction that continues to advance Sui as a leader of Abstract Art and Conceptual Art in his native country, and throughout the world.

    Place your bid on artnet Auctions for this multi-color sculpture, which is suitable for placement or installation anywhere!

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  9. Huang Yan’s Portrait Of A Man

    Easily mistaken for a photograph, this photo-realist oil painting, Portrait Of A Man, is by one of the most famous Chinese multi-media artists, Huang Yan. He is renowned for redefining the “human body as a canvas” in this manner, usually in photographs and now in paintings.

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