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  2. Banksy strikes again - the street artist’s latest mural pokes fun at government surveillance 

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  3. The mysterious street artist Banksy has revealed a new version of his iconic Balloon Girl to commemorate the third anniversary of the ongoing Syrian conflict. The stencil, redesigned so that the child now wears a headscarf, will be displayed on March 13 at #WithSyria vigils held around the world.

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  4. Banksy gives us a visual of how love hurts. 

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  5. In Banksy’s Grin Reaper, the smiling harbinger of death becomes friendly and ironically inviting. 

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  6. Banksy in Paris

    Ohhh mon Dieu! After making the streets of New York his personal art show, is Banksy now taking over Paris? This work was apparently spotted in the city’s 5th arrondissement. 

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  7. Top 300

    Unsurprisingly, the elusive street artist Banksy leads our monthly list of the top 300 artists around the world. He is closely followed by Pop Art icon Andy Warhol, who claimed the top spot in September, and Roy Lichtenstein.

    Check out the top 300 artists. 

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  8. Love Rat

    "Love Rat" is perhaps one of Banksy’s most famous images. Banksy’s rats are his most recognizable icon, and he’s used them countless times in public works all over the world. The rat symbolizes his anti-capitalist beliefs and represents the everyday working man.

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  9. For those of you who would like a souvenir T-shirt of his NY residence, Banksy suggests taking this image to a copy shop and make it yourself. 

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  10. "I can’t believe you morons actually buy this shit"

    Banksy's ”Morons’, 2007

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  11. Kate by Banksy

    Banksy's satirical take on Pop art icon Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe series features supermodel Kate Moss as the present day sex symbol. 

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  12. I Fought The Law

    Banksy's work obviously references the song, I Fought The Law, while incorporating the elusive artist’s well known anti-establishment rhetoric. Here, a man is in the middle of doing some graffiti, proclaiming his victory over the authorities, yet is caught immediately, effectively negating the statement he was making. 

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  13. The End

    "And that’s it," comments Banksy under a photo of his last installations, "Thanks for your patience. It’s been fun. Save 5pointz. Bye.”

    A set of balloons that read "BANKSY!" tied to the side of a warehouse visible from the Long Island Expressway in Queens seems to be the final piece of elusive British artist Banksy's monthlong street art residency in New York City.

    We’re celebrating his New York City extravaganza with an online Auction of 20 of his most iconic artworks. Place your bids! 

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  14. Banksy For Charity

    As part of his New York "residence," the elusive street artist Banksy vandalized a thrift store painting before re-donating it to the thrift store. 

    Titled 'The banality of the banality of evil', it shows a beautiful pastoral landscape marred only by a Nazi officer taking in the view on a bench in the foreground .. 

    Now, the store decided to auction the piece on BiddingForGood.com, with proceeds due to help fight homelessness and AIDS around the city. The E. 23rd St. store immediately drew a crowd of photographers and Banksy fans, with the current bidding status at over $200,000! Let’s see how far it goes! 

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  15. Choose Your Weapon

    With a playful nod to Keith Haring, the elusive Banksy pays homage to a street artist pioneer who helped paved the way for the acceptance of graffiti within the art world. 

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  16. Banksy’s Latest

    Good Morning New York!

    Here’s a look at Banksy's latest, a Cheetah, which was spotted at Yankee Stadium. This marks the 30th day of his month long “residence” in the city, let's see what he unveils as his ultimate work! 

    Also, we’re featuring 20 of Banksy’s most iconic works on artnet Auctions, click through to place your bid. 

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