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  2. Berlin’s Old Masters Spark Protests

    Berlin’s Old Masters are at the center of a fiery debate as plans to move them from the Gemäldegalerie, to make room for 20th-century art, sparks petitions and angry newspaper articles.

    With 3,000 works spanning five centuries, Berlin’s collection of Old Masters is one of the greatest worldwide, and includes works by Raphael, Vermeer, Dürer, and Caravaggio. Their move from the Gemäldegalerie was announced after the city was gifted a private collection of 150 Surrealist artworks worth US$185 million. 

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  3. 100 Caravaggio Artworks Found

    Italian art historians claim to have stumbled upon 100 previously undiscovered early sketches by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. The artworks, hidden in a castle in Milan, would be worth an estimated 700 million euros if proven to be authentic! 

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