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  2. If you’re in London this week, then don’t miss this: Chris Levine, the light artist famous for his iconic portraits of The Queen and Kate Moss, is debuting a dramatic new portrait of Frankel, the World’s highest-rated racehorse, at The Fine Art Society Contemporary from Wednesday 5th – Tuesday 11th February. 

    “Frankel’s breath-taking exploits on the track secured his place amongst sporting icons and in the heart of the nation. Whenever you saw him he had this aura about him, unlike any other horse I have seen and it was this, and his staggering achievements, which I wanted to capture in the portrait,” Levine said about the portrait.  

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  3. A Portrait Of A Queen

    In order to make these portraits, Chris Levine had to take over 10,000 images and 3D data-sets of Her Majesty during two sittings at Buckingham Palace!

    The works show The Queen wearing the Diamond Diadem, created for George IV and worn by Her Majesty for the procession to her Coronation in 1953.

    View more Diamond Jubilee-related portraits, as as (most likely) Banksy’s response to the festivities.

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