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  2. Review: Is James Franco’s homage to Cindy Sherman at Pace Gallery offensive? 

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  3. Staged Photography

    From Cindy Sherman to David LaChapelle, this week we’re turning the spotlight onto Staged and Constructed Photography

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  4. Happy Birthday Cindy Sherman

    Happy birthday Cindy Sherman! The famed photographer celebrates her 59th birthday today.

    Sherman incorporates aspects of feminism, Performance Art, cultural criticism, and body and identity politics into her provocative work. The artist mainly photographs herself in disguises, examining issues of anxiety, disgust, the lurid, and the grotesque in her works.

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  5. Mrs. Claus

    Some Christmas spirit courtesy of Cindy Sherman's Mrs. Santa Claus.

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  6. Delpy’s New Art Flick

    Julie Delpy as a Cindy Sherman-esque photographer at her opening in Two Days in New York, a new indie-flick.

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