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  2. Every year, Miami Beach plays host to many of the world’s most talked-about art fairs. This year’s exhibitions and VIP events feature a number of superstar artists, and are sure to draw an international crowd of collectors, curators, and connoisseurs. 

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  3. Gallery Hopping

    As summer comes into full swing, galleries have begun presenting group exhibitions that showcase the best of this year’s line-up, sneak peeks of upcoming solo shows, and guest–curated programs.

    Here’s our guide to some of this Summer’s unmissable shows.

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  4. Homage to Manzoni

    Born in Soncino, Italy, Piero Manzoni was one of the precursors of Conceptual Art. Manzoni was a self-taught artist and among the first to question the nature of the art object, creating shocking pieces that constantly provoked controversy within the Italian art community.

    In celebration of what would have been Manzoni’s 80th birthday, Frankfurt’s Städel Museum is paying homage to this key figure of the European avant-garde after 1945 with an exhibition, titled Piero Manzoni. When Bodies Became Art. 

    Piero Manzoni. When Bodies Became Art is on view from June 26 to September 22, 2013. 

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  5. Civil War & American Photography

    The Photography and the American Civil War exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum is as much about the photographic medium as it is about the history of the war. 

    Civil War exhibitions tend to be overwrought affairs, trying to match the inherent pathos of the subject matter with dramatic curatorial gestures. In this regard, the Met’s remarkable exhibition shows restraint, trusting the photographs to generate their own emotional effect and narrative. This is the kind of show at which the Met excels: ambitious, comprehensive, and equal parts history and aesthetics.

    Read more.

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  6. La Biennale

    La Biennale di Venezia has for over a century been one of the most venerable art events in the world. First held in 1895, the 2013 Biennale opened on May 29 for previews and runs through November 24. Comprised of a main exhibition curated by the New Museum’s Massimiliano Gioni, along with dozens of national pavilions and concurrent events, the Biennale sprawls across Venice’s Giardini, Arsenale, and various cloisters and palazzos. 

    Here is everything you need to know about this year’s Biennale di Venezia

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  7. Icons & Motifs

    These longer days of summer are perfect for gallery hopping! This weekend, we’re browsing exhibitions that delve into Asian cultures and their manifestations. 

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  8. Psychedelic Patio

    Be sure to catch a Black Ship moment featuring Nacho Rodriguez Bach at Dillon Gallery from June 9 to July 3!  Bach’s exhibition, titled Psychedelic Patio, explores facets of ambiguity by bridging technology and folklore. One fantastic experiential piece, Asterismos, invites the viewer to play notes on a keyboard, which has its keys connected to neon constellations. This linking of light and sound brings the viewer within feet of the stars and builds a tangible bridge between science and music. 

    Black Ship is an international artist collective, working both independently and collaboratively, in which art, environment, and identity are intrinsically linked.

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  9. Summer Arts

    Today, New York’s Art Projects International is opening their latest show, Summer Selections, which includes a beautiful selection of gallery artists. 

    There are plenty of shows to enjoy on some of those long summer days and evenings. Click through to discover some more gallery openings.

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  10. Mountains and Water

    The “Love of nature, love of natural surroundings, love of quietness… Love of the simplicity of Chinese water colour paintings” inspired Water Poon's latest exhibition, Mountains and Water

    There is a quiet beauty inherent in Poon’s paintings, but what is striking is the awareness of the sense of space when viewing these pieces. This heightened awareness of space comes from both the unusual composition and framing of the images. 

    If you’re in Vancouver, don’t miss the opening reception with the artist at Art Beatus, from 11:30 to 6 p.m. 

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  11. Spotlight: James Turrell

    On June 21, the work of James Turrell will find its way into a New York museum for the first time since 1980, with the opening of James Turrell at the Guggenheim Museum. Turrell is primarily recognized for his use of light and space; he creates experiential works in which the focus is not on the origin of the light, but light itself. 

    In honor of this fantastic new exhibition, we’re taking a look at the artist and his market. 

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  12. The Rose Award

    Artist and academic Mitra Tabrizian has won the Royal Academy’s £1,000 Rose Award for this photograph of an unnamed Iranian exile, titled The Long Wait. 

    The image is part of  a series that focuses on expatriate Iranians who,  according to Tabrizian, exist as exemplars of “resilience as opposed to demonization.”

    For those of you keen to see it in person, the image is part of the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibiton, which opens today, June 10, 2013. 

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  13. Hiding in the City

    Add this new exhibition to your gallery hopping schedule! Famed artist Liu Bolin is releasing the first works of a new series, Hiding in California, at new York’s Eli Klein Fine Art tonight. Also on show will be new works from his Hiding in New York series, including an image in front of the harbored aircraft carrier Intrepid, as well as his collaboration with French Street artist JR

    Mask is opening tonight at Eli Klein Fine Art and is accompanied by the release and signing of Liu Bolin’s new book, Being Ghost. 

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  14. Frustrated & Futile 

    "Viola has become the Rembrandt of the video age." – Laura Cumming

    If you happen to be in London tonight, don’t miss Frustrated Actions and Futile Gestures, a museum-scale exhibition of nine new works by famed video artist Bill Viola. 

    Created on location and in the artist’s studio in southern California, the show presents three bodies of work: the Frustrated Actions, the Mirage, and the Water Portraits series. Through these works, Viola engages with complex aspects of human experience, including mortality, transience, and our persistent (and some may say futile) attempts to truly and objectively understand ourselves and the meaning of our brief lives.

    Preview Frustrated Actions and Futile Gestures atBlain|Southern tonight, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. 


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  15. Morrison Gallery

    Heading to Connecticut over the weekend? Here is something for your Saturday night! Morrison Gallery is opening a show of work by Jonathan Perlowsky. 

    According to gallery owner William Morrison, the new exhibition showcases Perlowsky’s depth and versatility, including vibrant drip paintings on mirror, bold stripe paintings on wood, and works on paper. “The new stripe paintings are particularly striking, executed with a precision and thoughtfulness that only Perlowsky could achieve,” Morrison said.

    Stop by the opening reception on Saturday, June 1, from 5 to 7 p.m. 

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  16. Play Date

    In this exhibition at Staley-Wise Gallery, German artist Ellen von Unwerth dazzles with a parade of girls who run the gamut from innocent to naughty. Sex is in the forefront: humorous, romantic, decadent, and erotic. Fashion and fantasy are combined in von Unwerth’s vision of girls having fun: with us, with each other, and with the unseen viewer.

    In perfect timing for the weekend, Ellen Von Unwerth: Play Date opens today and runs through July 12, 2013. 

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