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  2. Remembering Matisse

    Happy birthday Henri Matisse! The famous French artist was born on this day in 1869 in Le Cateau-Cambrésis, France. One of the most prominent 20th-century artists, Matisse is best known as a founding member of the Fauvist movement, and for his modernist innovations in painting, sculpture, and his original cut-out papier découpés

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  3. Raoul Dufy on artnet Auctions

    Fauvist French painter Raoul Dufy often painted with foreshortened perspective and cheerful colors, depicting optimistic themes such as parties, musical events, and views from the French Riviera. 

    His beautiful Interieur aux instruments de musique (c.1940) is now live for bidding on artnet Auctions.

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  4. Stolen Matisse Found In Miami

    A 1925 painting by Henri Matisse, stolen more than ten years ago from a Venezuelan museum, has been recovered by FBI agents.

    A couple tried to sell Matisse’s Odalisque à la culotte rouge, valued at approximately US$3 million, to undercover FBI agents posing as art collectors.

    The masterpiece was on view at the Sofia Imber Contemporary Art Museum in Caracas, Venezuela, when it was discovered to be a fake in 2003. The work had been on tour to other museums several years before and at some point been switched with a forgery.

    "There had to be inside complicity. You can’t just make the switch freely inside the museum", said director of Caracas Museum, Rita Salvestrini.

    Find out more about Henri Matisse

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  5. Remembering Georges Rouault

    Georges Rouault was born today in 1871.

    The Fauvist’s exaggerated, grotesque depictions were a major influence on Expressionist painters.

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