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  2. Morrison Gallery

    Heading to Connecticut over the weekend? Here is something for your Saturday night! Morrison Gallery is opening a show of work by Jonathan Perlowsky. 

    According to gallery owner William Morrison, the new exhibition showcases Perlowsky’s depth and versatility, including vibrant drip paintings on mirror, bold stripe paintings on wood, and works on paper. “The new stripe paintings are particularly striking, executed with a precision and thoughtfulness that only Perlowsky could achieve,” Morrison said.

    Stop by the opening reception on Saturday, June 1, from 5 to 7 p.m. 

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  3. Play Date

    In this exhibition at Staley-Wise Gallery, German artist Ellen von Unwerth dazzles with a parade of girls who run the gamut from innocent to naughty. Sex is in the forefront: humorous, romantic, decadent, and erotic. Fashion and fantasy are combined in von Unwerth’s vision of girls having fun: with us, with each other, and with the unseen viewer.

    In perfect timing for the weekend, Ellen Von Unwerth: Play Date opens today and runs through July 12, 2013. 

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  4. The Other Side

    “I never felt a part of what it meant to be English and British,” says Stephen J. Morgan. “I always felt I was on The Other Side Of Everything.”

    Now, Stephen places his personal story within the wider narrative of England’s recent political history and the legacy of the British Empire, through one of the country’s most potent and ubiquitous symbol: the flag. With his camera, Stephen J. Morgan documents familiar, urban places, bringing about a photographic record of his journey through life and delving into his own identity, as a second generation Irish having grown up in Birmingham.

    Stephen J. Morgan The Other Side Of Everything debuts at London’s Wapping Project Bankside today and runs through July 13, 2013. 

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  5. Unique

    Planing on doing some gallery hopping this Thursday? Then add this opening to your list! Von Lintel Gallery is opening a group show of non-editioned photography. Often made without negatives or a camera, the work is created with unique and diverse techniques that result in one-of-a-kind photographs. The included artists represent several generations, including Pierre Cordier and Floris Neusüss, who have been pioneers in the field of camera-less, unique photography since the 1950s.

    Opening reception: Thursday, May 30, 6–8 p.m.

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  6. Jaume Plensa at Venice

    Here’s another reason to visit Venice this year (as if we needed more convincing!). Famed Spanish artist Jaume Plensa is unveiling his impressive new sculpture, Rui Rui. The seven-meter sculpture will stand at the crossroads of Accademia and San Marco as part of the exhibition Glasstress: White Light / White Heat,whichcoincides with the 55th Venice Biennale. 

    Rui Rui is captured in silent meditation, her eyes closed. The sculpture seems to invite a similar moment of quiet contemplation for all who encounter the work, as they pass through Venice’s busy canals and streets. 

    Discover more work by Jaume Plensa at Richard Gray Gallery

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  7. Celebrity Apprentice

    Don’t miss the madness! In this week’s episodebusiness is slow so Jim attempts to get on The Celebrity Apprentice. 

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  8. Cat Street Gallery

    Here is an unmissable event to add to your Hong Kong Art Week circuit! 

    The famous Cat Street Gallery is opening their Wonderworks show at The Space on Friday, May 24. Wonderworks brings together a beautiful and intriguing combination of young and established artists from Asia, America, Africa, the United Kingdom, and Europe. 

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  9. Discovering Ruth Asawa

    Talented Japanese/American artist Ruth Asawa's work is currently being presented in a major exhibition for the first time in 50 years, courtesy of Christie's. The show traces Asawa’s artistic journey from her works on paper, created while studying with Josef Albers, to her career as a modernist sculptor, which is now gaining international recognition. 

    On a journey to Mexico in the summer of 1947, Asawa was captivated by the looped-wire baskets used in markets to sell eggs and other produce. Intrigued, she began to loop and twist wire in a similar fashion. Asawa’s looped wire forms were often executed in her home, with her six children surrounding her, creating a poetic narrative in which life intertwines with art. 

    Good news for those of you on the west coast: San Francisco-based Jeffrey Spahn Gallery is showing her 1952 work, Classic Sphere within a sphere (pictured). 

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  10. The Madness of Art

    Jim Kempner offers a glimpse of the day-to-day life at Jim Kempner Fine Art in his The Madness of Art web series. 

    In Season 1, Episode 10, Jim and Dru try to figure out why it’s so slow in the gallery. Could Glenn Dranoff of Dranoff Fine Art have something to do with it? Later that day, Jim tries to alleviate his new assistant’s anxiety. Complications arise when Jim asks her to type up a letter.

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  11. Gallery 618

    No longer just a fashion icon, supermodel enfant terrible Kate Moss has transcended into a symbol of the contemporary pop lexicon, equal parts girl next-door and rock n’ roll goddess. It’s no wonder that she has become a reoccurring subject for most of the top artists of her era. Damien Hirst, Banksy, Chuck Close, Mark Quinn, Lucian Freud, and Alex Katz have all incorporated her likeness into their work. Most recently, artist Kate Garner has returned to her original images of Kate. 

    Gallery 618 is bringing Kate Garner’s controversial photographs of Kate Moss to the United States and into a new light with Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil. Garner created 20 unique canvas works showing three scenes from the now legendary photo shoot that helped turn an unknown 16 year old into a cultural icon.

    Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil runs from May 17 to 31, 2013.

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  12. Discovering NYC

    Here’s your chance to re-discover and fall in love with New York City, through the eyes of artist David Dunlop. On view at Susan Powell Fine Art, his electrifying new series of New York City, the Connecticut Shore, and Abstract landscapes fuse light and color in motion. Dunlop puts us in a familiar place only to make it wonderfully unfamiliar, producing a vibrant mystery whose secrets are not easily revealed.

    David Dunlop: Light and Motion is on view through June 16, 2013, at Susan Powell Fine Art. 

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  13. Revolver Gallery

    Those of you on the west coast: if you’re looking for some creative culture, a place where fashion, art, and music collide, look no further. Head over to Revolver Gallery in Beverly Hills and dive into its Pop Art aesthetic, complete with a flower-painted ceiling, concrete floors, and an iconic Marilyn hanging in the window! 

    Pictured are just a few iconic works by Andy Warhol on view at the space. 

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  14. Time’s Pace

    Susan Weil has been at the center of the New York art world since the 1950s. She came of age as an artist in the postwar period, studying under Josef Albers at Black Mountain College, alongside Willem and Elaine de Kooning, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, and Cy Twombly. An innovative and influential member of the New York school, Weil embraces serious and playful elements in her work.

    Now, New York’s Sundaram Tagore Gallery debuts her crumpled, cut, and refigured compositions. Incorporating wood veneer, painted Plexiglas, and various collage materials, Weil deconstructs and reconstructs images. Her dynamic assemblages hover between the abstract and concrete, and between painting and sculpture.

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  15. Spotlight: Venice

    Here’s another reason to visit Venice this year (as if we needed more convincing!). Taymour Grahne Gallery is celebrating the Middle Eastern Pavilions—Next year, the New York-based gallery is having solo show with three of the artists participating in the 55th art extravaganza: Mohammed Kazem, Camille Zakharia, and Tarek Al Ghoussein. 

    Dubai-born artist Mohammed Kazem, who is part of the “second generation” of Emirati Contemporary artists and a protégé of Hassan Sharif, is representing the UAE. This year will mark the third time the UAE has been represented at the Venice Biennial and the first time it is presenting a solo show in its pavilion. 

    Camille Zakharia is one of the artists representing Bahrain this year. His work, Coastal Promenades, was part of the Bahrain Pavilion for the 2010 Venice Architecture Biennale, for which Bahrain received the Golden Lion award.

    Artist Tarek Al Ghoussein has been tapped to represent the National Pavilion of Kuwait. The pavilion will be housed in Palazzo Michiel, a historic palazzo in Venice’s Cannaregio sestiere! 

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  16. The Letter

    Don’t miss this week’s episode of The Madness of Art In Season 1, Episode 10, Jim tries to figure out why it’s so slow in the gallery. Could Glenn Dranoff of Dranoff Fine Art have something to do with it? Later that day, Jim tries to alleviate his new assistant’s anxiety. Complications arise when Jim asks her to type up a letter.

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