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  2. Hermès fans, forget the Birkin .. get Neo-Pop artist Jonathan Seliger’s painting instead! 

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  3. Hermès on your Wall

    Contemporary American artist Jonathan Seliger is famed for his interpretations of mass produced boxes, bags and containers for luxury goods. In its signature orange, this Hermès “box” measures 47.25 x 47.25 inches. 

    Fashionistas, here’s your chance to have an Hermèsbox” on your wall! 

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  4. Sugimoto’s Irish Sea

    Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto investigates the notion of timelessness by recording the seascape, a surface that remains the least changed thus revealing a time that exists beyond our own. 

    Check out his collaboration with Hermès

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  5. Hiroshi Sugimoto For Hermès

    In collaboration with Hermès, 20 of Hiroshi Sugimoto's abstract color studies have been translated into signed, limited edition, silk scarves. Couleurs de l’ombre, as the collection is called, is a moving tribute to the lowly Polaroid.

    Of its US$10,000 price tag, Sugimoto says “It’s serious art for me. And if it’s serious art, for me, it’s also very reasonably priced.” 

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