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  2. Catching up with New York-born street art artist Alex Monopoly

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  3. Interview: José Parlá

    We sat down with the ever-energetic José Parlá to discuss this latest body of work and how it tells the story of his life, from his music and art-filled childhood in Miami and Puerto Rico, to his early experiments with painting and extensive travels around the world.

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  4. Interview: UK-born Street artist Adam Neate on why he can’t live without music and David Hockney.

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  5. Interview: The fast-rising art star Christian Rosa, whose paintings are on view in Berlin and New York, sat down with The Hole’s owner and director Kathy Grayson.

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  6. Interview: Robert Longo

    We caught up with artist Robert Longo to chat about his new show at Petzel and Metro Pictures, his love for Ab Ex, and what he calls “the genetic code of America.”

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  7. We caught up with Milan-based artist Francesco Vezzoli, best known for deconstructing Hollywood in projects featuring household names like Lady Gaga, Sharon Stone, and Roman Polanski, to chat about his new show at MOCA LA. 

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  8. Watch our interview with New York-based artist Robert Longo who is famed for his bold drawings and sculptural works fusing pop culture and Fine Art. 

    Enjoy the interview and click through to browse some of his work

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  9. We caught up with downtown art dealer Rick Rounick to chat about his new show and how Haring and Basquiat transformed New York.

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  10. Catching up with Donald Sultan

    We caught up with artist Donald Sultan in his incredible Manhattan studio.
    The artist is best known for his massive still lifes and landscapes, and noted for his use of abstracted black forms against areas of bright color.

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  11. We caught up with Bottega Veneta’s creative director Tomas Maier to talk collecting art, collaborating with artists on campaigns, and what inspires his designs.

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  12. Phyllida Barlow has just unveiled her largest piece to date, dock (2014), a series of riotous sculptural assemblages commissioned by Tate Britain for the monumental Duveen Galleries.

    We caught up with the artist to talk about how she tackled such a tremendous project and space. 

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  13. Meet Tunisian Street Artist el Seed

    Last summer, the Tunisian-born calligrafitti artist eL Seed spent a month touring his country, visiting 17 cities and towns and painting 24 walls across Tunisia in the process. 

    We caught up with him to chat about the trip, the book and everything in between. 

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  14. Stockholm Photography Week

    artnet’s Linda Dobke caught up with the director of Photo Market, Karin Jerneld, to hear more about what’s in store for this year’s edition.


    In the first week of April, the Swedish Museum of Photography is hosting the 2nd edition of Photo Market as a part of Stockholm Photography Week 2014. This bijou art fair dedicated exclusively to the medium of photography is both exclusive and accessible, featuring an invite-only exhibitor list of only eight galleries, Milan’s Forma, Berlin’s Camera Work and Oslo’s PUG among them. The focus of the fair? Presenting world class work in a highly visitor-friendly atmosphere, highlighting the growing importance of photography on the art market, and creating a forum in which new audiences can collide with experts in the field to learn more about acquiring and collecting photography.

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  15. Meet Art Collector Ella Fontanals-Cisneros

    We sat down with Cuban-born art collector Ella Fontanals-Cisneros to discuss 'Prácticas Globales: Latin American Art from the Ella Fontanals-Cisneros Collection’, a show which will go on view Wednesday, March 19 at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. 
    The show was developed in collaboration with the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO), a nonprofit she and her family founded in Miami.

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  16. Curating The Whitney Biennial 

    In a few days, the 2014 Whitney Biennial, the last to take place in the Whitney Museum’s Marcel Breuer-designed building on Madison Avenue, will open. With 103 artists brought together by three curators working virtually independently of one another, this year’s Biennial is really a three-in-one. 

    We spoke to two of the curators about the unique challenges and thrills of curating the Biennial.

    Presented by Bottega Veneta

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