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  2. A soft breeze, hot sand, a cool drink . . an homage to summer by artists such as Lucien Clergue, Michael Dweck, and Irving Penn

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  3. A Bit of Photography 

    Irving Penn established his reputation as an influential fashion photographer while working at Vogue Magazine, and became famed for his images with streamlined, minimalist compositions and dramatic lighting. 

    Pictured is his 1949 work, Evelyn Tripp. 

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  4. Hairy Young Women

    Irving Penn playfully photographed two models with their wigs on backwards—an image which originally appeared as a two-page spread in the July 1995 issue of US Vogue

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  5. Capote’s Venice

    “Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.”

    -Truman Capote, pictured here in a 1965 photograph by Irving Penn.


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  6. Irving Penn

    One of the most notable photographers of the 20th century, Irving Penn (American, 1917–2009)  is celebrated for his compelling portraits, scenes, and still lifes, in genres ranging from fashion to travel photography.

    From an art market perspective, Penn has consistently performed well at auction, and is currently ranked number four on the all-time top selling photographers list. He is surpassed only by Andreas Gursky, Cindy Sherman, and Richard Prince.

    Find out more on TEFAF’s Artist Watch

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  7. Truman

    The one and only Truman Capote, photographed by Irving Penn in New York in 1965. 

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  8. Fashion Photographs

    Just in time for New York Fashion Week, we are thrilled to debut our latest auction, à la mode: Fashion PhotographyFrom Irving Penn to Helmut Newton and Patrick Demarchelier, be prepared to see some of the most fabulous fashion photography ever created.

    Flip through the album for a quick look, and preview the entire auction here. 

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  9. Picasso

    Irving Penn’s photographs have become documents of an era; he has photographed everyone from the native people of Morocco to artists, musicians, writers, and celebrities. He has taken editorial fashion photographs as well as provocative nudes.

    Penn’s piercing portrait of iconic artist Pablo Picasso is one of his most famous works. 

    Bid on Picasso (B) Cannes, 1957 on artnet Auctions

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  10. Sophia Loren, Photographed by Irving Penn

    Irving Penn’s alluring portrait of Sophia Loren, one of the most beautiful women of the 20th century, exemplifies his stature as one of the greatest portrait photographers of all time.

    Shown in several major Penn retrospectives around the world, this piece is number 1 of an edition of only 6 prints that were made in platinum. This is the first time a platinum print of this image has ever been offered at auction! 

    Place your bid for Sophia Loren, New York (1959) on artnet Auctions

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  11. Celebrating Irving Penn’s 95th Birthday

    Irving Penn, one of the most influential American photographers of fashion and the famous, was born today in 1917. 

    Browse Penn’s striking portraits for sale at galleries worldwide!

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  12. Penn’s After Dinner Games

    This stunning, extremely rare early print is an early example of Irving Penn’s meticulously-arranged and photographed still lifes. Printed no later than 1960, it is one of no more than 13 prints of this image in dye-transfer.

    Penn’s still lifes often included food and found objects, which Penn would skillfully arrange to create odd, sometimes surreal compositions.

    An early print of this photograph very rarely comes up at auction. It is estimated to achieve between US$140,000 and US$160,000 before it closes this Tuesday.

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