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  2. Caviar20

    From Jim Dine to Louise Bourgeois or Marcel Dzama .. take a break with something caffeinated and a look at the fabulously broad spectrum of art on show at Caviar20.

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  3. A Jim Dine heart: perfection on Valentine’s Day. 

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  4. Introducing Contemporary Abstraction, our latest auction featuring masterpieces by Jim Dine, Sol LeWitt, Ross Bleckner, and Sam Francis. 

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  5. Jim Dine’s New Series

    If you’re in Los Angeles tonight, don’t miss the opening of an extraordinary series of new paintings by Jim Dine at Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art.

    In this exhibition, Dine focuses on his iconic heart imagery, but creates a new vision of this subject. This group of diptych hearts embodies Dine’s recent melding of Pop Art with Abstraction, adding a complex and assertive dimensional surface.

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  6. Olympia

    Pictured is Jim Dine's 1988 Multicolored Robe for the Seoul Olympics.

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  7. Happy Birthday, Jim Dine

    Iconic American Pop artist Jim Dine celebrates his 77th birthday today! He was born on June 16, 1935 in Cincinnati, OH. 

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