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  2. Catching up with Kehinde

    We caught up with artist Kehinde Wiley to talk New York, the art world, and being stylish. 
    The Los Angeles—born contemporary artist is well known for portraits of young African American men staged in heroic poses, evoking famous portraits from art history.

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  3. In all of his work, Kehinde Wiley combines a wide range of references from classical painting and pop culture. He developed an early interest in portraiture and frescos, particularly the work of Venetian painters such as Titian and Tiepolo, and draws inspiration from French Rococo painting, Islamic architecture, African textile design, contemporary fashion, and urban hip hop.

    Place your bid for this classic Wiley work, which comes in the original, artist-selected, faux gold frame, as issued! 

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  4. Phillip by Kehinde Wiley

    Kehinde Wiley paints portraits of young African American men in compositions that directly refer to Old Master paintings and other iconic works of Western art history. In doing so, he engages with the visual vocabulary of wealth, status, morality, and identity underlying those canonical works.

    Pictured is his 2007 work, Phillip

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  5. Kehinde Wiley At The Jewish Museum

    Some weekend viewing: In the cultural tsunami of art news, Kehinde Wiley's The World Stage: Israel is a real triumph. 

    Find out more about the show

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