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  2. Photography

    Studio visits, exhibition reviews, and events… Photography fans, take a few hours (or even a few days…) and immerse yourself in the beautiful world that is Photograph Magazine. Don’t miss their insightful profile of Jeff L. Rosenheim, curator of photographs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in the May/June issue! 

    Pictured: Garry Winogrand, Park Avenue, New York, (1959). Courtesy of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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  3. The London Auctions

    Do market trends reflect the cultural zeitgeist or compensate for it? And if so, considering Europe’s fiscal woes, should we expect to see happy paintings or brooding ones lead the way? Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir, or darker, more twisted Surrealist fare?

    Find out more in our report of London’s Impressionist and Modern Art sales.

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  4. Berlin’s Electro-Art Scene

    Chelsea-caliber galleries line the old East Berlin thoroughfare Augustrasse and a stream of tech startups like SoundCloud have rebranded the city “Silicon Allee.”

    Along with precision engineering and techno music, Berlin has also become a home for digital and electronic art.

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  5. Summer Reading

    Whether you’re relaxing in the city or hitting the beach over the summer, don’t forget to take one of these fantastic books on artists, curators, and critics with you. 

    Also, pictured is artist Sam Francis in his Californian studio in Santa Monica, 1979. 

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  6. Terracotta Warriors

    The life-sized terracotta soldiers protecting the tomb of the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huangdi (259 BC–210 BC), were accidentally found by well-diggers in 1974.

    Since the discovery of the First Emperor’s tomb, about 2,000 of these six-foot-tall clay figures have been uncovered.

    While a person could travel to Xi’an, China, to visit this vast ongoing archeological project, closer to home Discovery Times Square is showing 10 of these warriors in a new exhibition in New York City!

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  7. Saatchi’s New Chinese Ink Paintings

    We sat down with Dutch-born, London-based art dealer Michael Goedhuis to talk about the new show of Chinese art he organized for Charles Saatchi in London. 

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  8. Jeffrey Deitch At Art Basel

    During a conversation with art advisor Josh Baer at Art Basel last week, Jeffrey Deitch talked about the threat of private museums to fundraising and programming at MOCA Los Angeles.

    Read more about this conversation in artnet Magazine.

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  9. Art Market Watch

    Recent articles in Artnet Magazine about art market expectations have garnered huge reaction from reporters at Hyperallergic, Gallerist NY, the Winkleman blog, and a number of dealers and collectors, so we thought it might be pertinent to break down the situation of a hypothetical power collector couple.

    Read our break down of the situation.  

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  10. Art Basel Looks Towards Asia

    Dealers and organizers at Art Basel are predicting an increasingly Asian-ized future for the fair, especially after news broke that Swiss collector Ulli Sigg is donating most of his Contemporary Chinese Art collection, worth about $163 Million, to the Hong Kong M+ Museum. 

    Read more about Art Basel in artnet Magazine.

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  11. Politically Engaged Art At Basel

    Drawing well-suited dealers and collectors from all corners of the globe since 1970, Art Basel is  “just as much a meeting place as a market place,” as co-director Marc Spiegler likes to put it.

    And while center stage is occupied by the big, expensive gestures made by big, rich artists, plenty of politically-engaged, socially-grounded artworks are still to be found in the city.

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  12. Istancool

    Istancool, also known as the Istanbul International Arts and Culture Festival, is a packed powerhouse of a long weekend that also serves as the perfect introduction to what is arguably the hottest city on the current global art scene!

    Browse galleries and exhibitions happening in Istanbul, in time for the festival.

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  13.  Basel’s Independent Art Fair 

    Get a glimpse inside what’s possibly the favorite — or at least the most fashionable — sideshow at Basel, Liste 2012

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  14. Romanino and More at Christie’s New York 

    At Christie’s New York, Chilean millionaire baron “The Hoover” Alvaro Saieh won the star lot, Romanino's Christ Carrying The Cross,for US$4,562,400, outbidding LACMA, only art institution to compete for the lot.

    The other notable consignment of the sale was a group of 12 pictures deacessioned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  

    Read more about the old masters sale in artnet Magazine.

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  15. The Art Market Crash

    The problem with buying Fine Art is that, unlike short selling on the regular market, you cannot really make money by betting that the value of Fine Art will fall in the future.

    Find out how to survive the coming art market crash in artnet Magazine.

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  16. Documenta 13 In Kabul, Afghanistan

    Leading up to Documenta (13), artistic director Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev held two years of lectures and workshops in Afghanistan.

    Now, with her Documenta, Bakargiev seems to be positioning artists as suffering something akin to the trials of Job, acknowledging the contradictions of making art in the face of war.

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