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  2. Happy Birthday Marina

    Happy birthday Marina Abramovic! Born in Belgrade in 1946, the controversial artist celebrates her 66th birthday today. 

    Celebrated as a pioneering practitioner of Performance Art, Abramovic is best known for her works that explore the physical limitations of the body, as well as the body’s potential as a vehicle to spiritual metamorphosis.

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  3. Marina Abramovic: the Artist Is Present


    In this Open Space post, Tess Thackara takes on the documentary film, Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present.


    What most interest me are the motivating forces in this potent exchange between performer and audience. What compels viewers to sleep overnight on the street for their chance to take away something profound from this experience? The piece provides a window into the human need for confrontation, connection, love, and spectacle. And it’s hard not to parse the artist’s motivations, since this must have fuelled her ability to complete the work.

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