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  2. Autumn Gallery Hopping

    Just in time for fall is Miya Ando’s new exhibit, Kisetsu (Seasons), at Sundaram Tagore Gallery. Much like the changing weather outside, this exhibit is centered on ideas of transformation-both physical and metaphorical. Ando’s cultural background plays a critical role in her work. On one side, she comes from a long line of Japanese sword makers and for this series of work she applies elements of the sword making process to her own art making process. Using aluminum as her primary surface material, Ando quite literally transforms sheets of aluminum into abstract paintings. This is a two part process. First, there is the act of turning the metal into a canvas-like surface, which the artist achieves by applying heat, sandpaper, grinders, acid and patinas to the metal. By doing all of this, Ando completely changes the chemistry of the metal. Second, there is the act of applying paint to the metal, which Ando accomplishes in different ways depending on how she wants the paint to appear. All of her works are a mix of glossy and matte finishes but they are all united by being distinctly abstract. At both the conceptual and practical levels, Ando’s work meditates on change and how transformation is never sudden. It takes time for these shifts to occur. And better yet, the serene abstractions that fill up the walls in this exhibit perfectly echo the subtle shift from summer to fall that is currently taking shape outdoors.

    We would be remiss not to mention these other great exhibits opening this week!


    New Photographs 2010 – 2014
    at Galerie Springer Berlin


    THOMAS - LE DEBUT DE LA FIN DU RESTE at Galerie Michael Hasenclever KG

     New York

    Alfred Scaroina at UNIX

    Grand Opening Event: New Work and Performance from Alain Bonnefoit at Galleria Ca’ d’Oro

    Mezzogiorno – Antonio Petracca at Kim Foster Gallery

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  3. Abstraction in New York

    It’s back to abstraction this week at New York gallery, AMERINGER | McENERY | Yohe. On view is a new series of abstract works by California based artist, Monique van Genderen, an exhibition which is set up as a study of a single painting. The painting under study sits in the main room of the gallery and in the second room are 6 smaller scale pieces that zoom in on parts of the larger work. These parts are not so much puzzle pieces as they are intricate examinations of the perception of the human eye. Essentially, van Genderen is thinking about how we see. When you first look at a piece of artwork, you see it as a whole but then as you continue to look you pull it apart into pieces. This is how perception works: it is fragmented because we can’t always see the whole. By approaching her compositions from whole to fragment, fragment to whole and back again, van Genderen delves into the very core of the human understanding of the world. Don’t miss out on this thoughtfully reflective exhibition!

    Don’t forget to pencil in some of these shows this week:  

    London, United Kingdom

    John Piper at Beaux Arts

    Paul Nash, Watercolours, 1919-1946Piano Nobile Fine Paintings

    New York, New York, USA

    A New Visual Dialogue: Alberto Biasi, Dadamaino, Lucio Fontana, Giorgio Griffa, Pino Pinelli, Turi Simeti and Nanda Vigo at De Buck Gallery

    Chris Martin at Anton Kern Gallery

    Farah Ossouli: Wounded Virtue at Shirin Art Gallery

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  4. Attention New Yorkers: Take advantage of the autumn mildness to stroll along the High Line and check out Adrián Villa Roja’s new installations. 

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  5. No post-work plans this week and feel like getting a little culture? Then stop Acquavella Galleries opening for iconic American artist Wayne Thiebaud tomorrow, September 30, 2014. 

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  6. A stroll through the Lower East Side reveals this month’s best exhibitions, with a verve unmatched elsewhere in the Big Apple right now.

    Here’s our guide. 

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  7. New York/Los Angeles

    "It’s a bit of a cliché, but there is a difference between ‘looking’ and ‘seeing’.” - John Tierney

    For its premiere gallery exhibition, New York’s Hamburg Kennedy Photographs is debuting a fantastic show of work by British artist John Tierney. 

    Modern in their palette and simplicity, Tierney’s paintings are also full of nostalgia for the virtues of the American past –a cinematic quality in the vein of Edward Hopper and Charles Burchfield.

    John Tierney “An Exhibition of New Paintings, New York/Los Angeles,” is on view at Hamburg Kennedy September 15th-October 30th. 

    Don’t miss the opening reception tonight, September 18, from 6pm. 

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  8. An eerie prediction to what occurred years later? 

    Photographer Robert Funk’s 1975 image is aptly, sadly titled, Photograph Predicts 9/11 crash, 1975

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  9. Spotlight: Ai Weiwei

    Ai Weiwei (Chinese, 1957),  still unable to leave China three years after his ‘conditional release’ from 81 days detention in 2011, continues to oversee production of important body of works that marvel the art community and spark uproars around the world. This year alone there have been major exhibitions at the Brooklyn Museum and the Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin.

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  10. If you’ve been anywhere near The Standard Hotel’s swanky High Line location this weekend, you may have noticed that something large, colorful, and pulsating with light has wrapped itself around the hotel’s entrance. Fear not, it isn’t a sign of an alien invasion, just a new sculpture by lovable art duo FriendsWithYou

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  11. On our must-see list this fall is Luciano Ventrone’s incredible new show, The Thrill of the Real, on view at New York’s Hollis Taggart Galleries. 

    Ventrone’s choice of subjects ties him to the traditional still life painters of the past. However, it is his focus on the application of paint, his treatment of color and light, and his dramatic compositions that place him among the modernists.

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  12. New York in the fall: discover our editor’s must-see list of exhibitions

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  13. Here’s a short itinerary for the New Yorker who wants to travel across cultures by taxi (or Uber), rather than by plane.

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  14. The Whitney Museum and the High Line are kicking off a new long-term collaboration with a painting by Alex Katz this summer.

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  15. "I’m a New Yorker, and I was here that day,” commented artist Spencer Finch at yesterday’s opening of the 9/11 Museum. His work is inspired by the memorably clear, intensely blue sky of that fateful morning. 

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  16. Would you like to work at artnet’s New York office?
    We’re looking for a college student or graduate with a background in art history or design to join our Analytics team as a paid intern. 

    To apply, submit a resume and cover letter to analytics@artnet.com

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