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  2. An eerie prediction to what occurred years later? 

    Photographer Robert Funk’s 1975 image is aptly, sadly titled, Photograph Predicts 9/11 crash, 1975

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  3. Spotlight: Ai Weiwei

    Ai Weiwei (Chinese, 1957),  still unable to leave China three years after his ‘conditional release’ from 81 days detention in 2011, continues to oversee production of important body of works that marvel the art community and spark uproars around the world. This year alone there have been major exhibitions at the Brooklyn Museum and the Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin.

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  4. If you’ve been anywhere near The Standard Hotel’s swanky High Line location this weekend, you may have noticed that something large, colorful, and pulsating with light has wrapped itself around the hotel’s entrance. Fear not, it isn’t a sign of an alien invasion, just a new sculpture by lovable art duo FriendsWithYou

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  5. On our must-see list this fall is Luciano Ventrone’s incredible new show, The Thrill of the Real, on view at New York’s Hollis Taggart Galleries. 

    Ventrone’s choice of subjects ties him to the traditional still life painters of the past. However, it is his focus on the application of paint, his treatment of color and light, and his dramatic compositions that place him among the modernists.

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  6. New York in the fall: discover our editor’s must-see list of exhibitions

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  7. Here’s a short itinerary for the New Yorker who wants to travel across cultures by taxi (or Uber), rather than by plane.

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  8. The Whitney Museum and the High Line are kicking off a new long-term collaboration with a painting by Alex Katz this summer.

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  9. "I’m a New Yorker, and I was here that day,” commented artist Spencer Finch at yesterday’s opening of the 9/11 Museum. His work is inspired by the memorably clear, intensely blue sky of that fateful morning. 

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  10. Would you like to work at artnet’s New York office?
    We’re looking for a college student or graduate with a background in art history or design to join our Analytics team as a paid intern. 

    To apply, submit a resume and cover letter to analytics@artnet.com

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  11. Felix, Gladys and Rover, New York, 1974, as photographed by Elliott Erwitt

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  12. Banksy hit Queens on the 22nd day of his New York extravaganza with a replica of the Sphinx of Giza — the artist advises you not to drink the replica Arab Spring water. 

    The man who first discovered the work promptly claimed ownership and proceeded to sell its loose fragments for $100 each. Much to the chagrin of another onlooker who would rather sell the piece at Sotheby’s…

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  13. 1960s Culture

    Fancy a trip back into the wild days of 1960s London and New York? We thought you might and have hand-picked some fantastic shows that dive into the art and pop culture of the 60s! 

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  14. Discovering NYC

    Here’s your chance to re-discover and fall in love with New York City, through the eyes of artist David Dunlop. On view at Susan Powell Fine Art, his electrifying new series of New York City, the Connecticut Shore, and Abstract landscapes fuse light and color in motion. Dunlop puts us in a familiar place only to make it wonderfully unfamiliar, producing a vibrant mystery whose secrets are not easily revealed.

    David Dunlop: Light and Motion is on view through June 16, 2013, at Susan Powell Fine Art. 

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  15. Chamberlain In New York’s Streets

    Starting today, four monumental sculptures by artist John Chamberlain will be on view at the Park Avenue plaza outside the historic Seagram Building! 

    Up to 15 feet in height, the works on view are constructed from silver, green, or copper-colored industrial aluminum, which has been looped and flexed into whimsical, biomorphic forms. 

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