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  2. Norman Rockwell’s Saying Grace (1951) made a spectacular auction debut, following its long-term loan to the Norman Rockwell Museum. The painting sold for over $46 million (estimated at $15–20 million), setting a record not only for the artist but for any artwork sold at an American auction. 

    Take a look at the market for Norman Rockwell. 

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  3. A little (art) history, courtesy of Norman Rockwell  - the celebrated artist created this full length portrait of Benjamin Franklin, quill pen in hand, preparing to sign the Declaration of Independence, with the seal of the United States behind him.

    Ben Franklin : Sesquicentennial of the Signing of the Declaration of Independence by Norman Rockwell is on view at Florida’s Lost Art Gallery. 

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  4. Wishing you and yours a scrumptious and happy Thanksgiving! 

    Pictured is Norman Rockwell's Freedom from Want

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  5. Rockwell’s Patriotism

    Norman Rockwell's cover illustrations for the Saturday Evening Post made him one of most recognizable and loved American artists. 

    America Marches Ahead is typical of Rockwell’s iconic and nostalgic patriotic images. 

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  6. Girl Scouts At Norman Rockwell Museum

    In 1977, Norman Rockwell was asked to create a dozen designs for medallions depicting the ideals of the Girl Scouts of the United States of America on the occasion of the organization’s 65th anniversary. Rockwell, a long-time supporter of Scouting, created engaging scenes illustrating such tenets of the Girl Scout Law as “respectful,” “resourceful,” “be prepared,” and “on my honor.”

    On Saturday, September 22, Norman Rockwell Museum is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts with a special centennial celebration to be held at the Museum.

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