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  2. Johannes Vermeer

    An authentic Vermeer painting is a rare sight to see at auction. Since the re-discovery of the 17th century Dutch master by journalist and art critic Théophile Thoré-Bürger in the 1860s, paintings by Johannes Vermeer (Dutch, 1632–1675) were only seen in the market a few times, and were last offered at auction in 1921. Today, his small body of work is almost exclusively owned by public institutions.

    We took a look at the first Vermeer painting sold in more than 80 years, its history, and the research involved in its attribution.

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  3. A Brief History of Rococo

    After the death of Louis XIV, the French court moved from Versailles back to their old Parisian mansions, redecorating their homes into intimate interiors made with stucco adornments, boiserie, and mirrored glass.

    Originating in Paris, Rococo painting is characterized by soft colors and curvy lines, and depicts scenes of love, nature, amorous encounters, light-hearted entertainment, and youth.

    Dive into 18th century Paris with our brief history of Rococo

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  4. An Idyllic Summer

    Best known for her landscape photographs of the American West, Audrey Hall’s Summer Wheat Field is truly idyllic. 

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  5. Auctions in Texas

    Mark your calendars: On Saturday, June 15, 2013, Heritage Auctions Texas will host their highly anticipated and beautiful European Paintings Signature Auction. From a lively Torriglia to a suspenseful Vlaminck and wistful Renoir, click through to get a sneak-peek of the sale

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  6. Picasso Stars at Sotheby’s

    It took less than five minutes for a Picasso to sell for US$41.5 million at Sotheby’s on Thursday night! 

    Nature morte aux tulipes, a 1932 painting of Pablo Picasso’s mistress, Marie-Therese Walther, was sold by Las Vegas titan Steve Wynn. 

    Check out auction results from the Sotheby’s Impressionist & Modern Art sale. 

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  7. Asian Contemporary Art 

    Leading Chinese Contemporary artist Yue Minjun (b.1962) has become a prominent figure in the international art market with his iconic self-portraits that offer a vivacious take on modern-day China.

    Grotesque yet lighthearted, Minjun’s paintings have become the consummate symbol of the cynical realist style that grew out of the mounting political pressures and social contradictions in the post-Tienanmen period of the early to mid-1990s.

    Pictured is Yue Minjun's Sky. Animal. Human-being (2002), which is now live for bidding on artnet Auctions. 

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  8. Girl with Bow Tie 

    Representing George Condo’s early foray into Abstract Art, Girl with Bow Tie demonstrates the artist’s playful approach to the classical portrait painting genre. 

    Browse more Paintings and Works on Paper

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