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  2. Icons of Photojournalism

    We are thrilled to introduce Icons of Photojournalism, a groundbreaking auction by renowned photojournalists from the turn of the century to the present. Photojournalism has increasingly captured the attention of the art world,
    crossing over from news agencies to the walls of galleries and museums.

    Discover Icons of Photojournalism

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  3. No, that’s not an Instagram photo. It’s a 112-year-old print known as a cyanotype, which involves a specialized chemical process that imparts the slightly surreal, cerulean blue tint.

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  4. In bed with Marilyn 

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  5. Portrait of an icon: the inimitable Kate Moss captured by Chuck Close

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  6. Girl’s best friend? Marilyn at the Drive-in, 1952, photographed by Philippe Halsman

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  7. "Let them eat cake." 

    Norma Shearer as Marie Antoinette, photographed by Hiroshi Sugimoto

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  8. David LaChapelle's work transcends the worlds of fashion and art and frequently exploits pop culture with an air of excess - as seen in this image of Pamela Anderson titled Hollywood Nights. 

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  9. We’re delighted to present our latest online Auction, Seeing Stars: Celebrity Photographyfeaturing work of tantalizing personalities by leading photographers.


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  10. It’s Stockholm Photography Week, a beautiful weeklong celebration of photography, who’s going? #photography

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  11. Sexy, windswept Brigitte Bardot, captured in a sublime moment by Terry O’Neil. 

    Discover more fabulous photographs at The Photo Gallery 

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  12. Alfred Stieglitz photographed clouds from 1922 to the 1930s in a series called "Equivalents," in which he experimented with abstraction, adhering to the concept that abstract forms could reflect inner emotions and ideas.

    Discover photography. 

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  13. There’s something very magical about Paris in the rain . . 

    Paris by Elliott Erwitt

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  14. It’s finally Friday, have a fabulous weekend! 

    Pictured: Roxanne Lowit’s Three Models in a Tub 

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  15. Born on this day in 1957, Shirn Neshat is considered to be the foremost visual photographer addressing the social, political and psychological dimensions of women’s experience in contemporary Islamic societies. 

    As she celebrates her 57th Birthday, take a look at some of Neshat’s most iconic work. 

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  16. Robert Mapplethorpe is taking over Paris, starting today- Mesdames et Messieurs, are you ready?

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