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  2. Roy Lichtenstein’s famous print was published in conjunction with the "I Love Liberty" celebration in Los Angeles in 1982. Produced by progressive advocacy group People for the American Way, the star-studded event was broadcast on national television on March 21, 1982 and coincided with George Washington’s 250th birthday.

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  3. Pop Art, Politics and Peter Saul

    By Hendrick Hansson, @hendrikhansson

    Within art, a lot of media attention is reserved for the newest, latest or most expensive artists. Meteoric rises and record prices are routinely praised and sensationalized, whereas consistency and longevity is seldom given the coverage it deserves. True aficionados know that artists that find a way to reinvent themselves in order to stay relevant over a long period of time are far more worthy of praise than those who spend a few years at the top. When talking about artists who embody such consistency it’s difficult not to mention Peter Saul.


    At 80 years of age, Saul looks back on a career spanning over 50 years. He was a pioneer of the pop art movement in the 1960’s and was one of the first artists to adopt cartoon imagery in his paintings, a style that he has stuck with, stoically. Saul’s grotesque, mocking, politically charged imagery divided opinion in a way that few artists have. What sets Saul apart is that the controversy he (often deliberately) courted was not a cry for attention, but a commentary on social and political issues. For Saul, no subject matter is taboo or off-limits; throughout his career, he has frequently been sidelined and isolated by the art establishment who deemed him to be too politically incorrect and controversial.

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  4. One for all the smokers among us .. Kick the habit, keep the painting. 

    Smoker by Pop artist Tom Wesselmann 

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  5. Keith Haring’s Best Buddies card for all of those BFFs! 

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  6. Chicken or Beef? 

    Andy Warhol’s iconic Campbell’s Soup Cans 

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  7. One of Tom Wesselmann’s most beautiful compositions, this iconic work is an homage to the artist’s wife, Claire, his lifelong muse and model.

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  8. Can we tempt you with Perrier? 

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  9. Celebrate the winter Olympics in true Pop Art style. 

    Regardless of which country you’re rooting for, this fantastic "Speed Skater" by Andy Warhol captures the vibrant colors and spirit of the Winter Olympics! 

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  10. Top Of The Pop

    We’re delighted to present Top of the Pop, our new auction featuring a dazzling, curated selection of iconic Pop Art prints. 

    Take a few minutes (or a few hours ..!) and delight in the pleasure of Pop Art on artnet Auctions ..

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  11. I am for an art that is political-erotical-mystical, that does something more than sit on its ass in a museum.

    Claes Oldenburg

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  12. Celebrating Claes

    Born in Sweden in 1929, artist Claes Oldenburg celebrates his 85th birthday today! 

    A famed sculptor associated with the Pop Art movement, Oldenburg properly started his career as an artist in New York, where he met Jim Dine and Allan Kaprow, who were working to break the mold of the prior generation of Abstract Expressionists.

    In 1961, Oldenburg staged his famous The Store, in which he rented space amidst actual shops on the East Side to sell traditional store goods recast as plaster sculptures, exposing the relationship between art and commodities. 

    From the 1970s onward, Claes Oldenburg focused his attention on large-scale outdoor public sculpture, for which he often collaborated with his wife, artist Coosje van Bruggen (1942–2009).

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  13. Neo Pop!

    Works by Julian Opie, Robert Longo, Jeff Koons, and Damien Hirst are just four of the many highlights that are now live for online bidding in our Neo Pop! sale on artnet Auctions.   

    Click through and enjoy Neo Pop! 

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  14. In light of the Post-War consumer boom, Pop Art came to the forefront of the American and British art scenes in the 1950s, introducing aesthetics that were both exciting and shocking to most.

    Now, generations later, Pop Art remains a darling of the art world with works by Warhol and his fellow Pop artists being acquired at auction for astronomical prices. 

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  15. Consider yourself warned by Andy Warhol

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  16. Polaroids

    Warhol’s genius was his ability to create instant art, from Polaroids of superstars to those of the mundane, such as a self-portrait of him eating corn flakes.

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