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  2. Born on this day in 1882 in New York, Edward Hopper was an extremely influential artist who was best known for his Realist oil paintings and watercolors of urban and rural scenes.

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  3. Bohèmes

    The Grand Palais in Paris is opening an intriguing new show called Bohemias, which explores the modern myth of the Bohemian, a figure who can be found in songs, films, and poems. 

    The figure of the Bohemian first appeared in the mid-19th century, between Romanticism and Realism, at a time when the artist’s status was undergoing a profound transformation. Soon, the Bohemian lifestyle became immensely popular, running through the collective imagination and linking Paris indissolubly with the Latin Quarter and Montmartre.

    Journeying through four centuries and some 15 themes, Bohemias sheds light on a phenomenon which traverses the history of art and society from da Vinci to Picasso and still resonates in our contemporary world. 

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  4. 19th Century European and British Art

    The 19th century in Europe and Great Britain saw a flourish of art movements, such as Pre-Raphaelite, Realism, and Impressionism. Artists, such as Joseph Mallord William Turner, Gustave Courbet, and Vincent Van Gogh created some of the most popular works of all time.

    Rediscover masterpieces of this era now offered in artnet Galleries.

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