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  2. Kelly & Kendrick

    For those of you in Aspen for some late season skiing, take some time out to stop by Quintenz and Company. The gallery is showing its first-ever two-person exhibition, featuring paintings by Robert Kelly and sculptures and cast-paper prints by Mel Kendrick.

    Painted over collages of vintage European film posters or weather charts, Robert Kelly creates layered, formal, Abstract geometric composition works in strong colors. 

    Mel Kendrick is showing part of his Makers work, which was developed for an installation of monumental cast concrete works installed in New York City’s Madison Square Park in 2009.

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  3. Kelly’s Tree of Consanguinity

    Robert Kelly’s oil and collage mixed media painting, Tree of Consanguinity XII (Black Sheep) (1996), demonstrates the intricacy with which Kelly executes his works, exploring the balance of space through built-up layers and interactive forms. It alludes to ideas of kinship through the subtle inclusion of initials, antique papers, and historical elements collaged into a single composition. Varied blue squares float above an intimate field of calligraphic notations and delicate color, wedding Bauhaus ideals and Constructivist forms with Contemporary abstraction.

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