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  2. Shadi Ghadirian

    One of the most famous Iranian female artists, Shadi Ghadirian, explores and critiques the roles of women in the Middle East and around the world.

    As a woman born in Tehran just before the Iranian Revolution, she recalls the ways in which women continue to experience limitations that impede on their most basic human rights and freedom. The women in the photographs emanate a subtle yet palpable strength, even through the semi-opaque glass. 

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  3. Iranian Photography Now

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    Iranian photographers in particular depict a different Iran from the one typically seen in western media. While many viewers are used to seeing news images that portray Iran as an anti-American nation, these artists offer a glimpse into everyday Iranian life. They show what it means to live and work in Iran as artists expressing themselves through imagery and symbols that are inherent to their culture. These artists create unique and powerful photographic images through the incorporation of distinctly Iranian motifs, including traditional clothing, such as burkas and headscarves, and popular designs and patterns traditionally seen in garments and rugs.

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