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  2. Street artist Shepard Fairey (of Obama “Hope” fame) is back in the spotlight with another instantly identifiable image: Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei. 

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  3. Artist Shepard Fairey celebrated his 44th Birthday over the weekend. 

    A famed street artist, he became renowned around the world when he produced Hope, an iconic portrait of President Barack Obama which he created during the 2008 American presidential campaign. 

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  4. Shepard Fairey: Iconic Prints

    This week, we’re throwing the spotlight onto some incredible vintage and iconic prints by Graffiti artist Shepard Fairey. 
    Flip through the album for a sneak peek and click through to artnet Auctions for more.

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  5. Basquiat & Haring

    Artist Shepard Fairey's portrayed two icons of the Urban art scene: Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. 

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  6. The Beatles by Shepard Fairey

    This set of four hand pulled prints with images of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and Ringo Star infamously uses the face of Andre the Giant instead of George Harrison’s. 

    Browse more artwork by Shepard Fairey

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  7. Shepard Fairey

    This fantastic hand-painted multiple by Shepard Fairey is an homage to Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. The art world’s recent embrace of Street Art as a legitimate genre demonstrates the power of accessible, relatable imagery, and in many ways builds upon the triumphs of Pop Art.

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  8. Joey Ramone

    For those of you that are true fans of Shepard Fairey, but most especially for loyal fans and devotees of legendary counter culture hero Joey Ramone, this iconic piece is a must-have! 

    Click through to find it on artnet Auctions

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  9. Global Warning

    Best known for his Barack Obama Hope poster of the 2008 presidential election, Shepard Fairey has combined Street Art with the realm of Fine Art. 

    His work entitled Global Warning is part of the Shepard Fairey: The Giant In Soeciety And Politics sale on artnet Auctions

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  10. Shepard Fairey

    Vote is undoubtedly one of Shepard Fairey's most iconic prints. The artist's images of Obama inspired and invigorated generations of voters!

    Fairey’s art reached a new level of recognition in 2008, when his HOPE portrait of Barack Obama became the iconic image of the presidential campaign, and helped inspire an unprecedented political movement.

    Vote is signed by Fairey. 

    Browse more work from the Shepard Fairey: The Giant in Society and Politcs sale on artnet Auctions.

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  11. Hope

    Widely considered to be the work that launched Shepard Fairey into international fame, this large format print, which became one of the most defining images of Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, continues to act as a permanent symbol of victory and progress in United States history. 

    Hope is now offered as part of the Shepard Fairey: The Giant in Society and Politics sale on artnet Auctions

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  12. Shepard Fairey

    To coincide with the upcoming US presidential election, we’re excited to present The Giant in Society and Politics, a fantastic auction of over 30 rare political-themed prints by Shepard Fairey.

    Fairey’s iconic 2008 campaign portraits of Barack Obama became synonymous with the future president’s grass roots appeal and demonstrated the power of Political Art to energize the electorate.

    This selection of prints highlights Shepard Fairey's unparalleled ability to call attention to some of the most significant and ongoing political issues of our time.

    Flip through the album for a quick preview, and browse the entire auction here

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  13. Political Art

    Shepard Fairey, who created a series of posters supporting Barack Obama’s 2008 candidacy for President, is not shy about his political opinions!

    Get a sneak peek at our politically themed Shepard Fairey auction, Shepard Fairey: The Giant in Society And Politics, which goes live in a few days! 

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  14. Shepard Fairey Gets Probation & Fine

    In the criminal contempt case involving his Hope poster of Barack Obama, street artist Shepard Fairey has been sentenced to two years of probation, a US$25,000 fine, and 300 hours of community service. 

    Fairey admitted in 2009 that he had destroyed documents and submitted false images in his legal battle with AP over the use of a photo of Barack Obama. 

    The AP accused the artist of copyright infringement; Fairey maintained that his artwork fell under fair-use laws, according to the LATimes

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  15. More Urban Art

    Graffiti artists, such as Banksy, Futura, and Shepard Fairey have moved from anonymous commentators to internationally known provocateurs.

    Explore the cutting edge of Urban Art

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  16. Shepard Fairey’s Mr. Spray

    Make Art Not War — Street artist Shepard Fairey’s Mr. Spray is now live for bidding on artnet Auctions

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