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  2. World Cup 2014

    This fabulous work by French artist Fernand Léger was recently chosen by the World Cup to market the games, and is being featured by the World Cup in a limited addition poster. Created by Leger during his travels in Brazil in the 50s, "Sao Paulo" is an affectionate portrait of Brazilians, illustrating the culture of the lively São Paulo metropolis.

    Place your bid for São Paulo on artnet Auctions, live for bidding through June 23 2014. 

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  3. The official photographer of the Brazilian presidents, internationally acclaimed photojournalist Evandro Teixeira is famed for documenting domestic and international events in all areas, including the Pan American games, the Peruvian earthquake of the ‘70’s, the Olympic Games and, of course, the World Cup. 

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  4. What’s Happening This Week

    For all soccer fans out there, we know its all about the Euro Cup right now!

    But, browse our calendar for lots of fantastic exhibitions around the world, to enjoy in between games.

    Also, pictured is Mel RamosMobilcom-St. Pauli II.

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