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  2. Kate by Banksy

    Banksy's satirical take on Pop art icon Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe series features supermodel Kate Moss as the present day sex symbol. 

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  3. I Fought The Law

    Banksy's work obviously references the song, I Fought The Law, while incorporating the elusive artist’s well known anti-establishment rhetoric. Here, a man is in the middle of doing some graffiti, proclaiming his victory over the authorities, yet is caught immediately, effectively negating the statement he was making. 

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  4. The End

    "And that’s it," comments Banksy under a photo of his last installations, "Thanks for your patience. It’s been fun. Save 5pointz. Bye.”

    A set of balloons that read "BANKSY!" tied to the side of a warehouse visible from the Long Island Expressway in Queens seems to be the final piece of elusive British artist Banksy's monthlong street art residency in New York City.

    We’re celebrating his New York City extravaganza with an online Auction of 20 of his most iconic artworks. Place your bids! 

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  5. Banksy For Charity

    As part of his New York "residence," the elusive street artist Banksy vandalized a thrift store painting before re-donating it to the thrift store. 

    Titled 'The banality of the banality of evil', it shows a beautiful pastoral landscape marred only by a Nazi officer taking in the view on a bench in the foreground .. 

    Now, the store decided to auction the piece on BiddingForGood.com, with proceeds due to help fight homelessness and AIDS around the city. The E. 23rd St. store immediately drew a crowd of photographers and Banksy fans, with the current bidding status at over $200,000! Let’s see how far it goes! 

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  6. Choose Your Weapon

    With a playful nod to Keith Haring, the elusive Banksy pays homage to a street artist pioneer who helped paved the way for the acceptance of graffiti within the art world. 

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  7. Banksy’s Latest

    Good Morning New York!

    Here’s a look at Banksy's latest, a Cheetah, which was spotted at Yankee Stadium. This marks the 30th day of his month long “residence” in the city, let's see what he unveils as his ultimate work! 

    Also, we’re featuring 20 of Banksy’s most iconic works on artnet Auctions, click through to place your bid. 

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  8. Good Morning New York!

    Here’s a look at Banksy’s latest, spotted on Coney Island. 

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  9. Banksy hit Queens on the 22nd day of his New York extravaganza with a replica of the Sphinx of Giza — the artist advises you not to drink the replica Arab Spring water. 

    The man who first discovered the work promptly claimed ownership and proceeded to sell its loose fragments for $100 each. Much to the chagrin of another onlooker who would rather sell the piece at Sotheby’s…

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  10. Ghetto 4 Life … Here’s a look at Banksy's latest, which was spotted in the South Bronx, at 153rd and Elton Avenue. There were mixed reactions to this particular work, with some residents complaining that it is disrespectful. 

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  11. Good Morning New York!

    Here’s a look at Banksy's latest work, which was sighted  on West 79th Street between Amsterdam and Broadway. Strategically placed, it shows a boy taking a swing at a red standpipe.

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  12. It’s day 17 of Banksy's take-over of New York and his latest piece just appeared in Brooklyn, at Cook Str near Graham Ave. 

    Also, check out what he thinks of the New York Post.

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  13. Good Morning New York!

    Here’s a look at Banksy's latest work, a miniature tribute to the Twin Towers. Found on the streets of Tribeca, this stencil shows the dark silhouettes of the World Trade Center buildings against the New York skyline. An orange blossom adorns one of the towers.

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  14. Banksy In Central Park

    The elusive street artist Banksy set up shop in Central Park over the weekend, selling original artwork for $60 each, with an elderly man working the pop-up stall at the edge of the park on Fifth Ave. Most people strolled by without taking a second look and, according to Banksy, it took about 4 hours for the first sale to be made, but only after a 50% discount was negotiated.

    Considering that his work has been auctioned worldwide for hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past, this latest move by the artist is unexpected and quite ironic. 

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  15. Good Morning New York!

    Here’s a look at Banksy's latest work, which appeared on the lower east side's Ludlow Str. Instead of his usual slightly amusing tone, this work seems to be a commentary on the Iraq War, WikiLeaks and government spying.

    A barrel to the left of the spray painted car reveals a 1-800 number which links to audio from a classified 39-minute video of the deadly July 2007 Baghdad airstrikes. It was originally leaked by WikiLeaks in 2010.

    "Think I just ran over a guy," one soldier can be heard saying in the audio, followed by laughter, is just one of many macabre comments. 

    Also, don’t miss The Village Voice’s email interview with the elusive British artist.

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  16. Good Morning New York! Here’s Banksy's latest addition, which was, unfortunately, swiftly removed. 

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