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  2. Just days before the World Cup kicks off, Brazilian artists are taking to the streets to express their anger toward FIFA and its costly World Cup.

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  3. The dynamic Brazilian artist duo known as Os Gemêos, identical twins Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, have covered the Brazilian national soccer team’s plane for the World Cup in their wildly colorful, signature designs that blend folk art with street art.

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  4. Two major New York museums still have Banksy artworks that were surreptitiously placed there by the mysterious street artist nearly a decade ago.

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  5. Elusive British graffiti artist Banksy is named the Webby Awards’ Person of the Year for Better Out Than In, his guerrilla-style New York City “residency.”

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  6. Now live on artnet Auctions, graffiti art start Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Rinso incorporates one of the most widely recognized elements of Basquiat’s iconography: the crown. 

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  7. Berlin boasts some of the best street art in the world - we toured the city, take a look at our favorites

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  8. Berlin boast some of the best street art in the world, including artworks by JR, Os Gemeos, and Victor Ash. Discover our top 5 favorite pieces. 

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  9. Banksy strikes again - the street artist’s latest mural pokes fun at government surveillance 

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  10. Meet Tunisian Street Artist el Seed

    Last summer, the Tunisian-born calligrafitti artist eL Seed spent a month touring his country, visiting 17 cities and towns and painting 24 walls across Tunisia in the process. 

    We caught up with him to chat about the trip, the book and everything in between. 

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  11. Street artist Shepard Fairey (of Obama “Hope” fame) is back in the spotlight with another instantly identifiable image: Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei. 

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  12. The mysterious street artist Banksy has revealed a new version of his iconic Balloon Girl to commemorate the third anniversary of the ongoing Syrian conflict. The stencil, redesigned so that the child now wears a headscarf, will be displayed on March 13 at #WithSyria vigils held around the world.

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  13. Banksy gives us a visual of how love hurts. 

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  14. Urban Art

    From iconic works by Jean-Michel Basquiat to selection of very early KAWS, click through to browse Urban Art favorites on artnet Auctions! 

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  15. Artist Shepard Fairey celebrated his 44th Birthday over the weekend. 

    A famed street artist, he became renowned around the world when he produced Hope, an iconic portrait of President Barack Obama which he created during the 2008 American presidential campaign. 

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  16. Just beKAWS

    by Hendrick Hansson


    It’s perhaps the most common complaint fans make about their favorite musician, athlete, artist, “He sold out” or “the money changed him”. However, this is not a criticism that can be leveled towards Brian Donnelly, better known by his street-art moniker, KAWS.

    KAWS quickly outgrew the middle class suburban utopia of Jersey City, New Jersey, and escaped into the pounding urban metropolis of New York City, taking the train over the bridge every day to go skateboarding with his buddies. It was only a matter of time before young KAWS found himself immersed in the counterculture cousin of skating - Street Art, specifically, Graffiti.

    Before long, he escaped the confines of vandalizing trains and walls and graduated towards reconceptualizing billboards and bus stops across New York with his trademark cartoon embellishments and X’d out eyes. In the mid 90’s, in an attempt to legitimize his hobby to his parents, he enrolled at New York’s School of Visual Arts, earning his degree in 1996.

    It was during a trip to Japan in 1999 that KAWS was embraced by the local subculture for an art form that was condemned as vandalism in his home country - he released his first toy statue on the Japanese market in the same year. The artist soon caught the eye of famed Japanese designer and BAPE founder Nigo, and the pair collaborated on a clothing line in 2001.

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