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  2. Tom Sachs’ Space Program Closing

    Quick! You have two days left to visit Mars, courtesy of Tom Sachs' fantastic Space Program at the Park Avenue Armory, which closes on Sunday!

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  3. Space Program: Mars


    Though not required, “Indoctrination” has been one of the most interesting ways for visitors to engage with SPACE PROGRAM: MARS. After watching Tom Sachs’s movies (online or at the Armory), taking an oral exam, a written exam (as this gentleman is doing), and completing a menial task, visitors are allowed special privileges and access in the exhibit. For more info on prepping for a visit, read 5 Things to Do Before You Go to Mars.

    NOTE: Tonight & Sunday will be your final chances to get indoctrinated and to roam free amongst the sculptural installations. Saturday will be a special opportunity to see artist Tom Sachs, astronauts, and Grummans activating every single sculpture in a grueling all-day Endurance Demonstration. Visitors will watch from the civilian viewing areas on Mars and Earth. If you want to bring kids who need to move around, you may want to come tonight or Sunday! SPACE PROGRAM: MARS closes Sunday!

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  4. Bruce High Quality Foundation at Lever House

    Has the Bruce High Quality Foundation permanently given up its anti-establishment stance? After taking part in the 2010 Whitney Biennial, and an exhibition at Lever House, this June 28 through Sept. 28, some say they really have!

    Lever has previously housed exhibitions by Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, and Tom Sachs (that’s Sachs’ Wind-Up Hello Kitty at Lever House in 2008).

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  5. Sachs in Space

    Tom Sachs’ Space Program: Mars at Park Avenue Armory, NY.

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  6. Tom Sachs’ Space Program

    From May 16 to June 17, 2012, the willing voyager can basically travel to Mars for a mere $12.

    Not the planet, that is, but an otherworldly environment meant to feel a lot like it, all courtesy of the art-world bricoleur Tom Sachs.

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