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  2. Negative Blue

    This rare, abstract piece from Tom Wesselmann’s series of maquettes done in the 1990s serves as a strong example of Wesselmann’s period of exploration in Abstract Expressionism.

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  3. Still Life With Picasso

    This beautiful small nude is reminiscent of Tom Wesselmann’s early group of “Little Great American Nudes” created between 1961 and 1962. In the piece, the nude takes on an element of still-life, as part of a composition paying homage to Pablo Picasso. 

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  4. Inside Art Hong Kong 2012

    We’re at Art Hong Kong 2012 (May 17–20), which showcases 266 galleries from 38 countries, more than half of them originating in Asia!

    Check out some of the pictures we’ve been taking (more to come!), and browse ART HK 2012 galleries.

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