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  2. From Marilyn Minter to William Eggleston and Annie Leibovitz, take a look at some of our favorite artists in Contemporary Photography. 

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  3. Happy Birthday William Eggleston!

    American photographer William Eggleston celebrates his 73rd birthday today! 

    Monumentalizing everyday subjects, Eggleston is credited as being one of the first non-commercial photographers working in color, inspiring a new generation of photographers and filmmakers. 

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  4. Crewdson’s Stills from the Forest

    Two notable 2003 production stills by Gregory Crewdson close tomorrow at auction, both displaying a forest setting.

    Crewdson works within a photographic tradition that combines the documentary style of William Eggleston and Walker Evans with the dream-like vision of filmmakers, such as David Lynch. Crewdson’s method is equally filmic, building elaborate stage sets to make and take pictures of extraordinary intrigue and narrative portent.

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  5. Eggleston’s Garage Building

    From his Los Alamos ProjectWilliam Eggleston’s 1965 dye transfer print, Untitled (Garage Building), is only available through Monday morning.

    The Los Alamos Project takes its title from the Los Alamos laboratory for the development of atomic weapons, which Eggleston saw while driving through New Mexico. In its original concept, the Los Alamos images would be shown only as a group, with no commentary, titles, or representational hierarchy. “I had this notion of what I called a democratic way of looking around, that nothing was more or less important,” Eggleston has said.

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